La Futura

Studio Album by released in 2012
La Futura's tracklist:
I Gotsa Get Paid
Over You
Heartache In Blue
I Don't Wanna Lose, Lose You
Flyin' High
It's Too Easy Manana
Big Shiny Nine
Have A Little Mercy

La Futura review

It is ZZ Top, not lower

A long time ago in a southern state far, far away three guys from Houston decided to make a group and try themselves in music. They were Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, guys who still presents an unchanged backbone of ZZ Top. Album history of these monsters of blues rock started January 16th 1971 with the release of their first album that had an inelaborate name as ZZ Top's First Album. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree topped at 50 in Billboard Hot 100, but this fact did not bring the group a lot of fame. In the year of 1973, after Rio Grande Mud release, group plays as warming up for The Rolling Stones and few month later they explode music scene with Tres Hombres and world hit La Grange, then they release their platinum disc Fandango!, and revolutionary Eliminator that put notion of blues rock on the next level. It was 14 albums, there were ups and there were downs, but each long play had its own inimitable style and sound, and besides most of the songs even now became classics. No doubts, these Texas bearded guys know how to rock professionally. And we hope that fifteenth studio album La Futura will show us ZZ Top we know, love and adore.

The best way to predict La Futura is to invent it

Let’s see what kind of future these three rocking guys invented for us. I Gotsa Get Paid opens La Futura, it meets us with explosive, heavy, rhythmical beat and hoarse, ganster, blues vocals, here old-timers of classic rock vaticinate to us what it means to be tough. And according to expectations, blues roots are still strong, and in new rocking adaptation guys look more than just fresh and modern. Coming to Chartreuse tempo slows down, becomes less frantic, but blues constituent still remains. God, I want to be with this track somewhere on the highway amongst Texas deserts in the convertible! Then goes Consumption that follows the southern rock party theme started in the preceding song and smoothly flows to the lyrical, hasteless track Over You that is the only calm and really romantic song of La Futura. It will suits nicely for the grave dance with dame of your heart. Over You slightly differs from the mood of the album but you can’t write a good album without tender passion and ZZ Top knows it. After a such lyrical digression the mischievous, free atmosphere of the album comes back as Heartache In Blue leads us to it and till the very end the trio do not hang their head down and continue to show us excellent hard rock.

Texas hard rock

La Futura is made in ZZ Top’s style, there is no doubts – sprightly, piercing, blues album with light elements of romance. Old-timers are back in their unique southern style. There is only one claim to the guys – we have only ten songs, and it is for nine years – they could write more songs. But you can’t get enough good things in life, so we must learn how to content small pleasures. Musicians are still faithful to the blues style in their tracks and as well as with their past albums you are eager to tap with your leg, do the head banging and play the imaginary guitar, sitting somewhere on your rancho to the south of San Antonio near the Mexican border. ZZ Top is still the very same and sounds the way it should sound. We still hear boogie-woogie, hard rock or simple blues in their songs, and lyrics is still full of humor, sexual allusions and soaked with slang. So if you are sick and tired of daily quarrels, conflicts and problems, ZZ Top will direct all these problems with their trademark gesture where they belong and will help you to chill out sipping on the glass of whisky in the circle of friends. Dance, go nuts, slop the accumulated negative out, because it is the reason why this music was written. And let’s thank for that these tres hombres from ZZ Top.

Artem Pronichev (24.09.2012)
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