New Joc City

Studio Album by released in 2006
New Joc City's tracklist:
New Joc City (intro)
It's Goin' Down (feat. Nitti)
He Stayed in Trouble (feat. A.D. "Griff" Griffin) (interlude)
Do Ya Bad
Don't Play Wit It (feat. Big Gee)
Excuse Me Officer (feat. A.D. "Griff" Griffin) (interlude)
Dope Boy Magic (feat. Nicholas "Play Boy Nick" Smith, Corey "Blackowned C-Bone" Andrews & Chino Doll
Flip Flop (feat. Cheri Dennis & Boyz n da Hood)
I'm Him
Hear Me Comin
I Know You See It (feat. Brandy "Ms. B" Hambrick)
Yung Nigga (feat. A.D. "Griff" Griffin)
1st Time (feat. Marques Houston & Trey Songz)
Knock It Out
Picture Perfect

New Joc City review

Yung Joc continues the traditions of the Southern school

The Southern rap school in America has been centered on Atlanta, Georgia, during the recent days. This summer the debut album of one of the new promising rappers Yung Joc, New Joc City, has hit the stores establishing him as a talented author possessing a good recognizable voice and performing in the best traditions of the Southern rap. The album has been released under Sean Diddy Combs’ label Bad Boy South that may explain for the fact that the young rapper has had best teachers and his style combines a lot of traits of such icons as Boys N Da Hood and T.I. being a real gangsta rapper, Jung Joc adheres to the themes of the street life, having fun, being loved by a lot of women and claiming his authority among his counterparts. The lead single It’s Going Down featuring Nitti has already become one of the most popular songs in Atlanta and can be heard playing in the cars and homes. New Joc City is an inspiring debut and the creation, which leaves no doubt that gangsta rap is going to live further.

New Joc City is far from a disappointment

The record has been expected for quite a long time since the single It’s Going Down came out in autumn and the audience wanted to hear more from the new rap star. Yung Joc has not disappointed his first fans with the new album having made all the songs in the same powerful manner with at times aggressive lyrics and tough beats. Do Ya Bad and Don't Play Wit It with Big Cee are nihilistic narratives about dangerous life in the ghetto while on Dope Boy Magic featuring Nicholas Yung Joc shares his experience in the ways to get respect and become a man with a reputation. The mid-tempo track Patrone has all the chances to become a new hit for the beats are hypnotizing and making people want to move. The relaxing song Flip Flop with the slow chorus smoothes the tough rhythm of New Joc City while 1st Time with Marques Houston and Knock It Out telling about Yung Joc’s relations with the opposite sex are classic gangsta rap tracks. I Know You See It is one of the most powerful and melodious tracks on the album and on the closer Picture Perfect Yung Joc presents his views on the society he is living in.

A new rap star has been born

Raised by the songs of 2Pac and Outcast’s huge fan Yung Joc has finally found his own style. With New Joc City he starts a perspective career, which is sure to bring him fame and fortune. The songs he writes reflect the real life as he has been seeing it since childhood, the street life in the Southern ghetto, crimes and drug dealing. Yung Joc has a particular manner to rap slowly against the background of harsh beats and it appeals to the audience greatly especially regarding really catchy choruses and powerful basses. As a rapper the young man possesses all the necessary qualities to reach the highest professional levels: a sense of rhythm, distinct articulation with a set voice and an ability to make witty rhymes. Besides Yung Joc is capable of being self-confident without boasting and has a clear idea of how to attract women. With New Joc City the new rap star has been born, and the album is about to become one of the best hip-hop records of this summer. Taking into account Yung Joc’s remarkable potential, it is quite probable that we are not going to wait long for this Atlanta nugget’s new creation.

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