Studio Album by released in 2008
Forth's tracklist:
Sit and Wonder
Love Is Noise
Rather Be
I See Houses
Noise Epic
Valium Skies
Appalachian Springs

Forth review

The uneasy climb of The Verve to fame

The history of the British pop rock collective The Verve is rather amusing and full of bright moments. In spite of the talents of all its members, the band came to the superstardom long after its foundation. After forming it in 1989, the musicians spent several years, finding the concord and their personal sound. The elaborated arrangements, the expressive, breaking vocals by soloist Richard Ashcroft and the strong guitar play by Nick McCabe became the firm style by the group. The first album by the artists, A Storm In Heaven, saw light in 1993 and had only moderate success. The US tour by The Verve (at that time called Verve) followed, but it was full of scandals and accidents. Thus, after the visit to the USA, the band added the article The to their title under the threat of the court process, as there already was a US band with the mane Verve. All the members of the band made the record of the second disc A Northern Soul at the time of drug abuse. The album got a psychedelic influence and copied the fate of its predecessor. Soon after the release, both Ashcroft and guitarist McCabe left the band. However, Ashcroft came back soon, while McCabe re-joined The Verve only during the recording sessions for the third album Urban Hymns. It brought them the international fame with the single Bittersweet Symphony. After the supporting tour, the group disbanded again and re-united only in 2007. This year, they came back with the disc Forth.

The good old The Verve

The single Love Is Noise with the excellent club beat, pulsating in the best traditions of The Verve in the times of A Northern Soul, preceded the album release. On the disc, it is anticipated by the anthem-like Sit And Wonder, filled with the otherworldly psychedelia and light melancholy. On the track Rather Be, which has the memorable chorus, Ashcroft's vocals strikes with the pseudo-American accent - it immediately reminds the other British legend, Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones. Judas definitely became one of the strongest numbers on this long-play due to its beautiful, almost unearthly tune. The song Numbness is sure to cheer the listeners with the wonderful guitar rock improvisation by McCabe in the style of 70's, and almost cosmic performance by Ashcroft. The Forth disc is continued by I See Houses with the hooking piano arrangement. The track Valium Skies successfully continues the charming formula by Bittersweet Symphony - string arrangement, cute guitar licks, and smart repetitions. The same time, Columbo with the impressing three-minute instrumental jam will be the hit for the stadium performances - rock fans will be crazy with happiness during this song. The disc is crowned by the hypnotic track Appalachian Springs, on which the guitarist and the soloist by The Verve showed their best ever.

Forth: the triumphant comeback

To start with, the Forth album is a reluctant and filled with self-esteem record. The musicians are aware of their star status, which can be well heard on the magnificent, highlighted ballads of the disc. However, it is strongly felt on the forth long-play that Ashcroft, McCabe and other members of the collective at last came back to the firm ground and got rid of the drug addiction. their music does not seen any longer that torn from reality, although one can find the characteristic of The Verve charm and the intense feeling of a contact with the beauty when listening to the tracks. Ashcroft's vocals became more professional, elaborated - it is obvious, however, that his voice fits more to the group arrangements than to his solo attempts on the acoustic guitar soundscape. Even counting that on Forth you will not find such ultimate hits as the glorious Bittersweet Symphony, the disc is a definitely strong record without filling tracks. You are sure to find here all that fascinated the listeners in The Verve on the sunrise of their fame - stylish and rich arrangements, excellent guitar play by McCabe, moderate tempo ballads and philosophic lyrics, all these creating the unique sound of these pop rockers. All the enumerated things are perfectly influenced by the great experience of the artist and their with to make a forceful comeback to the musical industry. With such a brilliant disc as Forth, their wish is doomed for success. We will hope that The Verve are not going to refresh their tradition to disband after this release.

Ninelle Kazakoff (27.08.2008)
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