The Trick to Life

Studio Album by released in 2007
The Trick to Life's tracklist:
Worried About Ray
Worst Case Scenario
Run Rabbit Run
Goodbye Mr A
A Sadness Runs Through Him
Clinging on for Life
Cops and Robbers
Everything Goes Dark
The Trick to Life
Money to Be Made / The Feeling You Get When

The Trick to Life review

The Hoosiers' impressive debut

There is no doubt that the audience has been longing for quite some time for a band that would be able to incorporate all the best qualities of pop music and rock's emotionality, and the British trio The Hoosiers has become such a band. Vocalist and guitarist Irwin Sparkes, bassist Martin Skarendhal and drummer Alfonso Alan Sharland have turned out to be the creators of music that meets the modern requirements in the best possible way: there are the musicians' faultless playing, the vocals with the elements of falsetto worthy of admiration, witty texts not deprived of deep thoughts and complicated but catchy melodies. The trio has only begun its way, and the first album in its career is the marvelous The Trick To Life, which followed after two red-blooded singles Worried About Ray and Goodbye Mr. A. The Trick To Life is a collection of unique music, that is beyond all comparison, where beautiful lyrical songs alternate with funny up-tempo numbers. The guys have shown everybody what three talented musicians can do, so The Hoosiers' impressive debut is sure to inspire more than one beginning collective.

The Trick To Life is listened at a breath

Of all the eleven tracks of The Trick To Life none can be called poorer than the rest of the album. Each composition has a certain feel to it that is why the whole album is listened at a breath. The first single Worried About Ray opens the record with an impetuous rhythm and a melody that is somewhat worrisome but extremely catchy as well as the simplistic lyrics, and the song Worst Case Scenario catches up the same atmosphere, even with a more contagious rhythm. The refrain of a slower composition Run Rabbit Run is sure to linger in your mind, and the second single Goodbye Mr. A is closer to the opener in its mood, but has an interesting implication, advice to take easy all the troubles. One of the brightest numbers on the album is composition A Sadness Runs Through Him, with a complicated melody that allows the vocalist demonstrate the wide voice range, whereas Clinging On For Life is the only melancholic song here, again surprising with Irwin's vocal talent. Another track that you are sure to sing a long once you hear it is definitely the funny up-tempo Cops And Robbers, and song Killer is probably one of the best on the album for its amazing lyrics and a splendid arrangement. The title track will teach you a secret of how to treat life, and the album closer Money To Be Made is another slow composition on which the vocalist is accompanied only with a guitar and a fiddle, and there is a hidden track on the album, a brilliant orchestra featured song The Feeling You Get.

The trio's strong points

The world has seen enough bands that disappeared after releasing one or two albums, and it is worth while hoping that it is not the case with The Hoosiers because it would be really sad to part with them. Produced by a former Jamiroquai member Toby Grafty-Smith, The Trick To Life is not only a spectacular collection of quality pop rock, but also something really different from everything we have to listen nowadays. All the songs sound so fresh and original that one gets quite amazed how The Hoosiers has made it. When one relaxes a bit, Irwin Sparkes' flawless vocals come to the front that really refines every single track on The Trick To Life, as well as the musicians' playing that at first sight does not to be that much special, and at the same time the harmony of the sounding instruments and their combining with the singer's vocals is obviously one of the trio's strong points. Only the time will show whether its career is successful or not, however, it is clear now already that as soon as The Hoosiers wants it can outdo in the respect of popularity such teams as The Feeling, Keane, and perhaps even The Cure, whom they listened to while growing up. Anyway, the guys have all their chances for that, and The Trick To Life confirms it the best.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (07.11.2007)
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