English rock band The Hoosiers was formed in the beginning of the second millennium in the capital of Great Britain, but the history of the group had begun before that. The idea to start the musical career came to Irwin and Alphonso when they lived in Indiana, and the name of the band is connected with that area: quite often citizens of that American state are called Hoosiers. There Sparkes and Sharland worked on the material for their debut album, and after that they moved to London and met Martin Skarendahl. The musicians understood that such line-up was rather comfortable for everybody, and in no time they signed the contract with RCA Records and began recording their very first long play.

The Hoosiers’ first studio attempt titled The Trick To Life was released in 2007. The trio managed to combine and mix elements of different genres in a very successful way, they presented fast and slow compositions, which were enjoyed by many listeners all around the world. The Hoosiers called their style “odd pop music”, and who can describe the creativity better than the musicians themselves? Moreover The Hoosiers paid a lot of attention to lyrics, that is why their texts will not leave anyone indifferent. The whole album turned out to be extremely strong: the songs are different, but together they make the single entity. Also the musicians succeeded in creating the wonderful atmosphere, which became the incredibly important element of The Trick To Life.

After the release of trio’s debut album, The Hoosiers gained a huge fan base. The band’s listeners had to wait for three years for the following studio work, and they were pleased in 2010: The Hoosiers’ second long play titled The Illusion Of Safety was issued. It was critically acclaimed and the music lovers’ expectations were satisfied. Sometimes for the band that attracted attention due to the bright first album it may be difficult to repeat their own success. However, The Hoosiers managed to do that very well: The Illusion Of Safety proved to be as interesting and rememberable as The Trick To Life. There is no doubt that The Illusion Of Safety will be enjoyed by The Hoosiers’ old fans and by those who are just going to get acquainted with the trio’s creativity.

Studio Albums

The Hoosiers, The Secret Service mp3The Secret Service
  • Indie Rock
The Hoosiers, The News From Nowhere mp3The News From Nowhere
  • Indie Pop
  • Pop/Rock
The Hoosiers, The Illusion of Safety mp3The Illusion of Safety
At first sight the record The Illusion Of Safety is quite a standard album, the track titles quite agree with the fashion reigning among young indie bands nowadays but it is its content that leaves no doubt about The Hoosiers' uniqueness
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock
  • Synth Pop
The Hoosiers, The Trick to Life mp3The Trick to Life
The trio has only begun its way, and the first album in its career is the marvelous The Trick To Life, a collection of unique music, that is beyond all comparison, where beautiful lyrical songs alternate with funny up-tempo numbers
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock