Twelve Stops and Home

Studio Album by released in 2006
Twelve Stops and Home's tracklist:
I Want You Now
Never Be Lonely
Fill My Little World
Kettle's On
Love It When You Call
Same Old Stuff
Blue Piccadilly / Miss You

Twelve Stops and Home review

Mastery Springs of the Feeling

Notwithstanding the fact, that the average age of musicians in the British band The Feeling is only 26, the four Sussex guys and their companion Londoner Dan Gillespie Sells (vocals and guitar) have a profound music playing experience. The axis of the band gathered at school years: Paul Stewart (drums), Kevin Jeremiah (guitar) and Ciaran Jeremiah (keyboards) acted as session musicians for various records. Dan Gillespie Sells and Richard Jones (bass) joined the band in Music College of Croydon 10 years ago and since then the crew did not change. The Feeling were finding their feet performing for the Alps public during several seasons versions of the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and A-ha. The guys have not given the thing up and they still derive inspiration, fish for fresh ideas and try out new material.

The Feeling Revive the Past

The Feeling create high-grade pop (to be more precise, prog and soft-rock), their music is summery, giant-chorused and hook-filled. It will undoubtedly be hummed by both the young and older generations. The youth will love it for its smoothed, optimistic retro-sound, setting you into a cheerful mood; the older will probably indulge in nostalgia and with pathetic tears recall the 70s and 80s. The guys claim that they have to merely “wrestle” the songs out of Dan. But, without mock modesty, the fruits of work of these dexterous musicians equal their professional level. Besides, The Feeling love Ringo, the Queen, The Carpenters, and it has definitely influenced the band. “I’d like to be Karen Сarpenter in Neil Young’s body. With Freddie Mercury’s trousers” – declares Den.

Meet Summer with Twelve Stops and Home

On their debut record Twelve Stops and Home that could be definitely considered one of the best for the summer season, The Feeling introduce 12 tracks, each of which is characterized by brilliant arrangements, lush and epic lyrics and catchy melodies. Fill My Little World is a smashing hit, Helicopter awesomely infectious, as to the Strange – this is a touching ballad with piano sound, that commove your heart. Love It When You Call has got a pop riff and surging keyboard refrains, and Never Be Lonely, in contrast – acoustic and lyrical. On the whole, Twelve Stops and Home is based on mild, though hasty rhythm.

The Feeling Draw On Experience

The record will be to the liking of those fond of the Keane, the Coldplay, the Snowpatrol, the ELO and the Supertramp. The guys have borrowed the most outstanding moments from the favorite songs of their parents. Unappetizing, you think? Nowhere near! Of course, The Feeling needs special attention and attitude in the first moments of “acquaintance”, but after that one just cannot fight – The Feeling! To sum up, we will have a chance to get bored with this band, because for the Twelve Stops and Home a constant rotation this season is provided.

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