Already Platinum

Studio Album by released in 2005
Already Platinum's tracklist:
The Intro
Like a Boss
3 Kings (feat. Bun B and T.I.)
Boyz n Blue (feat. Killa Kyleon, Sir Dally, PJ, and Chris Ward)
I Ain't Heard of That (remix) (feat. Bun B)
Click Clack (feat. Pusha)
Everybody Loves a Pimp
Already Platinum (feat. Pharrell)
Ashy to Classy
The Interview
Playa You Don't Know
Miss Mary
Incredible Feelin' (feat. Jazze Pha)
This Is My Life

Already Platinum review

Slim Thug, the newest force out of Houston's bubbling rap scene, makes his point through the title of this debut Already Platinum – even though you may never have heard of him, he's already sold a million albums. The imposing rapper, whose already made a mint on the mixtape circuit and through his own Boss Hogg Outlawz label, is a deft business man who's managed to build himself into a virtual star inside the state of Texas. So Already Platinum actually points to the level of success Slim Thug has reached on the independent market. He isn't as versatile as David Banner, as wild as Young Jeezy, as hefty as Bone Crusher, or as suave or swift – or even as slim, for that matter – as T.I., but no obstacles have thwarted Slim Thug's progression. Throughout the album, Slim Thug ably lugs his deep, thick, smoothened drawl through a series of infectious flows. And it’s fitting that he calls himself Tha Boss: 6'6" of restrained menace, he raps like a jowly mafia don, bellowing boasts and threats without bothering to get up from his desk.

On the catchy title track, Pharrell debonairly corroborates Slim Thug’s lofty ranking beside a thumping drum-cymbal beat. But the braggadocio is not without praise to his humble beginnings. On meditative tracks like This is My Life and Ashy to Classy, Slim explains his street-to-chic upgrade. This is My Life reminds you of the solo work of fellow Houston rapper (and living legend) Scarface. On another expressive track, Miss Mary, Slim Thug doles out an ode to Mary Jane, using love metaphors to describe his fixation. In The Interview, he converses with a reporter, who inquires about his Texas foundations and recent ascension to stardom, while the final track Dedicate finds the Boss pensively lamenting about losing his homies to street violence.

While T.I. has established himself as the King of the South, Slim Thug is likewise solidifying his boss status, proving why he’s notorious in his Houston stomping grounds and why out-of-towners should take notice. With his debut album Already Platinum Slim Thug refines Houston’s signature sound, simultaneously differentiating himself from the ambitious pack of hungry MCs with similar platinum visions. The album effectively introduces a rapper who is sure to at least make a dent in the rap world, but given his 6'6" frame, is likely to make lasting impressions. He accounts his rags-to-riches story with exceptional production from the Neptunes, who co-executive produce along with Rob Walker. With a savvy swagger that most rappers can rarely back up, Slim Thug effortlessly shoos the haters and continues on his platinum trail. Still, you get the sense that even without the lucrative “Bentleys” and “Hummers” he so avidly pursues, Slim Thug would savor being a celebrity in his hometown, his most important resting spot. Fortunately for rappers like him, though, everything touched soon turns platinum.

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