Studio Album by released in 2012
Amaryllis's tracklist:
Im Not Alright
Nowhere Kids
Ill Follow You
For My Sake
My Name (Wearing Me Out)
Through The Ghost

Amaryllis review

Distinctive rockers Shinedown

American stage of alternative rock and nu-metal has never been deserted. One can find here riffs that can fit every taste, various techniques of singing, unique ways of playing different instruments and so on. The long story short, it can be quite tricky for the beginners, for the young alternative rock bands to find their place in the sun in such circumstances. However Shinedown managed to define their space at the very beginning of the professional career. Everything started seriously, judge by yourself: the band’s debut record Leave a Whisper got platinum status, the following album Us and Them proved to be gold, and The Sound of Madness, which was issued comparatively recently, was also honored to get its well-deserved platinum status. The recipe of Shinedown’s success is rather simple, actually. It includes rocking on the stage and painstaking work in the studio – even the debut long play, in spite of its a little bit raw sound, could not be left without attention from the connoisseurs of heavy musical genres. More than that, Shinedown’s style in general was highly enjoyed by a great number of listeners. The band’s heavy but at the same time melodiousness music, smart lyrics that concern everyone and, of course, sincere performances and presentation – well, how could anyone ignore Shinedown’s creativity?

Amaryllis – twelve long-awaited hits

Rob Cavallo, who is already well-known to the musicians, became the producer of Shinedown’s brand new album. That was him who was working on the band’s previous studio attempt, which became platinum. It makes sense, actually: if the collaboration brings satisfaction and excellent results, then why stop working together? The very first track that got an appropriate title Adrenaline deals perfectly with the role of introductory composition. Audacious and thick, almost juicy sound creates the right mood, while old fans of Shinedown would make sure that the energy, which is so important for the band’s art, remains strong, just as it used to be. The song Bully, in spite of the fact that its entire composition was built on the same patterned melody, will not be boring to the listeners due to the amazing solo and Brent Smith’s expressive vocals. The album’s title song Amaryllis is a perfect example of the music that is so much enjoyed by the rockers themselves and that brings satisfaction to fans. No doubt that it is extremely emotional music, with the equal amounts of energy and melodiousness. For example, compositions Enemies or Nowhere Kids are other proofs that nobody will get bored while listening to Amaryllis.

New challenger for platinum status

Shinedown’s fourth studio attempt saw the light four years after a very strong record The Sound of Madness was issued. Of course the fans had been expecting not less fascinating and thrilling continuation from their favorite musicians, but we should not forget that it can be difficult for the musicians to repeat their own previous success. Nevertheless, it seems that Shinedown work in the right tempo, which lets them show all their potential and embody all the plans. In one of the interviews the irreplaceable frontman Brent Smith stated that during the recording process of Amaryllis the musicians knew exactly how the upcoming record should sound. Indeed the band feels the style perfectly and the artists are not going to change their style dramatically – to the great pleasure of the fans, actually. The quartet prepared twelve amazing songs, which will bring a lot of positive emotions to the band’s old fans. However to those who are just starting their acquaintance with the loud quartet from Florida, Amaryllis will explain really well, what the art of Shinedown is about. This long play is not a compilation of the best songs, but curiously enough, Amaryllis produces the same effect.

Danil Chernovalov (29.03.2012)
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