Roisin Murphy was born into an Irish family in 1973 and from her early years had an independent and eccentric character. Once she sang for her parents a song from Evita musical, starring Madonna, and all her relatives were deeply impressed by her voice. Nevertheless the girl did not demonstrate her talent to strangers for a long time. At age 12 she moved to Manchester, England with her parents. Roisin's mother had an antique shop there and the girl helped the her in business. When in about 3 years later her parents divorced and came back to Ireland, Murphy being only 16 refused to move back with them. She went to school for some time. Consequantly Roisin headed to Sheffield, where she became a night clubber and met Mark Brydon at a party in 1994. That was the way the electronica duo Moloko began.

Murphy and Brydon were united not only by their work, but also by romantical relations. Their debut disc was titled Do You Like My Tight Sweater? and saw light in 1995. It featured an attractive mixture of Funk, Trip Hop and dance Electronica combined with a stylish humorous approach that advantageously differed them from their peers. The first release was successully followed by I Am Not A Doctor in 1998 in the UK and in 1999 in the U.S. A playful and sparkling composition Sing It Back was this disc's breakthrough single. Things To Make And To Do, released in 2001, featured such dance hits like Indigo, Pure Pleasure Seeker and, of cause, The Time Is Now. In 2002 Moloko recorded their last album, Statues. After the support tour it became known that Murphy and Brydon decided to part and work separately.

Roisin immediately started her solo career and collaborated on her debut creation with Matthew Herbert. Their studio work had no deadline and included different sound experiments. At first in 2004 Murphy released three discs titled Sequins 1, Sequins 2, and Sequins 3. They featured Pop with Jazz and Electronica, mixed with the sounds of everyday life: phone rings, knocks, doorbell buzzes and so on. But in 2005 these works were united in one album and re-released under the title Ruby Blue. It became Roisin's artistic triumph. In October 2007 Murphy presented her brand new creation Overpowered, album featuring mostly dance Pop compositions, decorated with the singer's luxurious vocals. Like her first prodigy, Overpowered was partly produced by the artist herself. Soon after the release of studio attempt Roisin issued her very first live album titled Live at Ancienne Belgique 19.11.07 (2007), which demonstrated the show’s energy and atmosphere. Murphy also paid attention to iTunes service by releasing her long play iTunes Live: London Sessions in 2008.

Studio Albums

Roisin Murphy, Take Her Up To Monto mp3Take Her Up To Monto
  • Electropop
  • Indie Pop
Roisin Murphy, Hairless Toys mp3Hairless Toys
  • Electropop
  • Chamber Pop
Roisin Murphy, Overpowered mp3Overpowered
Overpowered can be rightfully considered one of the year's best pop releases. The tracks have been co-written by Roisin Murphy herself and Seiji of Bugz In The Attic and mixed by Tom Elmhirst who worked with Amy Winehouse, Royksopp and Grace Jones
  • Dance-Pop
  • Electropop
  • Disco
  • Electro-Disco
  • Pop
  • Electronic
Roisin Murphy, Ruby Blue mp3Ruby Blue
  • Electronic


Roisin Murphy, Incapable mp3Incapable
  • Electro-Disco
  • Microhouse
Roisin Murphy, Plaything / Like mp3Plaything / Like
  • Deep House
  • Tech House
Roisin Murphy, Momma's Place mp3Momma's Place
  • Dance-Pop
  • Electropop
  • Disco
  • House