Lady's Bridge

Studio Album by released in 2007
Lady's Bridge's tracklist:
Roll River Roll
Tonight the Streets Are Ours
Lady Solitude
Dark Road
The Sea Calls
Lady's Bridge
I'm Looking for Someone to Find Me
Our Darkness
The Sun Refused to Shine

Lady's Bridge review

Englishman loving his native city

Richard Hawley, born in Sheffield, England, in 1967, is a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. After finishing the school he played in several bands, toured the USA with the Longpigs and the Pulp and came down to Sheffield by the end of the XX century. By that moment Hawley gave up drugs and alcohol, but felt so physically and emotionally exhausted that seriously thought of leaving the music industry. But Hawley's friends from the Pulp heard his songs and made him come to the studio. In 2000 the musician recorded a mini album Richard Hawley. It was fallowed by three more releases, each of them was called with the reference to his native city. The last one, Cole's Corner, created in 2005, got the Mercury Prize. As a highly appreciated guitarist Hawley can boast of his work with Gwen Stefani, All Saints (the solo in the cover for Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers) and R.E.M. In 2007 Hawley released his fifth album Lady’s Bridge, titled as the part of Sheffield.

Lady's Bridge: romantic ballads about love

Richard Hawley's fifth album is sadder than his previous works. In some places Hawley is even sorrowful. But it all becomes clear when one learns that Hawley's father was dying of cancer, while the album was recorded. The album opener Tonight the Streets Are Ours is an upbeat single, fascinating with its sensitivity and lush baritone of Hawley. Lady Solitude is a very beautiful and sad love ballad about the broken heart. Roll River Roll is another classic Hawley's ballad, with the blusey piano greatly contributing to the atmosphere. There are songs on Lady's Bridge, which make it different from the previous works. Two of them are surely Serious and I'm Looking For Someone To Find Me. Both tunes are upbeat and remind of Hawley's side-project work in the Feral Cats in order to explore his interest in rockabilly. Actually, both songs are the fastest numbers in his solo career. The title track Lady's Bridge is a very melancholic love song about parting. Our Darkness can be called the most dramatic track with an extremely good orchestration.

Praiseworthy continuation of the solo career

Hawley has been regarged as somewhat of a national treasure in his home city for some time, but the success of Cole's Corner made him famous all over world. Such big bands, like Radiohead and Coldplay, called his creativity amazing. Lady's Bridge is no way worse then Cole's Corner, it strongly confirms the musician's reputation - though in some aspects it is different. Richard Hawley released one more brilliant and sencere album about love for the partner and native city. But if his previous creation was overwhealmingly about pleasant moments of life, Lady's Bridge pictures the sentimental character of Hawley's songs roaming along Sheffield disappointed, broken-hearted and devoid of any dreams. This album tells listeners about the tremendous pain that can be made to a person by relations and their breaking. Hawley's deep rich vocals are overfilled with sadness of disappointment and loss. All songs on Lady's Brigde have a very stylish retro-flavour.

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