American band OneRepublic was formed in Colorado Springs in 2002 by Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins. Later the musicians stated that they wanted to be free from the styles boarders and also they noted that their creativity had been influenced by different performers’ songs, no matter what style that was. The story of the band started in the middle of nineties when Ryan and Zach met. They talked about the music and realized that they had much in common. As the result, the young men decided to organize a band and asked their friends to join them. The group was named This Beautiful Mess and the musicians began performing, however its members entered the different universities and the band had to be disbanded.

In 2002 Ryan and Zach formed a new group Republic, and Tedder, by that moment being the respected talented producer, persuaded Filkins (at that time he lived in Colorado) to move to Los Angeles. That decision turned out to be very successful – within a year the musicians signed the contract with Columbia Records. Also they finally settled the line-up: Ryan became the vocalist, Zach was the guitarist and he performed the back vocals as well. Also they were joined by the drummer Eddie Fisher, the bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle and the solo guitarist Drew Brown. The name was changed into the well-known nowadays OneRepublic in order to avoid mixing up with other bands. Only two months before the release of the debut album Columbia Records dropped OneRepublic, however the musicians did not give the way to despair: instead they gained the popularity at MySpace, and the band was noticed by Timbaland's Mosley Music Group representatives. Pretty soon the new contract was signed and OneRepublic began working again.

In 2006 the musicians released their first single Apologize from the debut record. That composition attracted the music lovers’ attention and prepared them for the band’s first studio work Dreaming Out Loud (2006), which turned out to be the very strong album. It included such famous hits as Stop And Stare, Say (All I Need) and many others. The band managed to gain a huge fan base, and they really enjoyed Dreaming Out Loud, which got the Platinum status, proving its high level.

In 2009 OneRepublic released their second studio attempt titled Waking Up. That album was just as interesting as the band’s debut work, and the fans enjoyed such strong compositions as All The Right Moves, Secrets and others. OneRepublic's creativity is very called-for all around the world. For example, in Germany their song Marchin On was chosen by the TV channel ZDF as the official song of FIFA 2010 World Cup. The musicians started their career in a very confident way, and there is no doubt that they will continue to develop themselves and to please all the good music lovers with new hits.

Studio Albums

OneRepublic, Oh My My mp3Oh My My
  • Pop Rock
OneRepublic, Native mp3Native
  • Indie Pop
  • Pop/Rock
OneRepublic, Waking Up mp3Waking Up
The young and promising band OneRepublic has released the second album, Waking Up, once again proving their great potential
  • Pop/Rock
OneRepublic, Dreaming Out Loud mp3Dreaming Out Loud
Young collective OneRepublic releases its debut album Dreaming Out Loud Produced by Greg Wells (Mika, Deftones) and partially by vocalist Ryan Tedder, right in time, for single Apologize has become the most popular song on an American radio
  • Pop/Rock


OneRepublic, Rescue Me mp3Rescue Me
  • Dance Pop
  • Electropop
OneRepublic, Wanted mp3Wanted
  • Electropop
OneRepublic, Connection mp3Connection
  • Electropop
OneRepublic, No Vacancy mp3No Vacancy
  • Reggaeton
  • Electropop
OneRepublic, If I Lose Myself mp3If I Lose Myself
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Pop/Rock