Natalie Imbruglia


The future star was born in the Australian city of Sidney. Natalie got not only the surname of her father, who is of Sicilian descent, but also his temper. In childhood, she studied dancing and ballet, hoping to become a dancer. She sang well at the same time. Her dance instructor persuaded Natalie to go to an audition for a place in a girl band. The managers immediately noticed the talented competitor among the others and proposed her a solo career. The girl realized that almost all the things would be done and decided for her by the others… and refused, showing her independent character even at that tender age. Later Natalie appeared in a couple of TV advertisements and gave up school for the sake of acting at age 16. She was lucky to get a role in the soap opera Neighbours, which earlier was the starting point for another Australian star - Kylie Minogue. After two years of shooting, Natalie decided it was the time to go in for big business and headed to London. However, there Imbruglia saw a bitter disappointment - she was refused any constant job as some stiff Englishmen thought that too many Neighbours stars came to the Great Britain to make a career. Therefore, in a year the young actress became a bankrupt.

Nevertheless, Natalie did not give up that easy - she decided to try herself in singing. This time the success exceeded all Natalie's hopes - in 1997, Imbruglia in an instant became a mega-star with her single Torn and signed a contract with the BMG Publishing record company. In 1998, Natalie released her first album Left Of The Middle that brought to light such hits as Big Mistake and Smoke. On the video to the last one Imbruglia appeared in the image of a wistful elegant beauty. The next full-length White Lilies Island was ready only in 2001. The singer wrote it in the state of a serious depression. Maybe the reason for that state was the parting with her family - as the album was titled after the place, where her home is situated. Anyway, the disc White Lilies Island is sad and lyrical, like its singles That Day and Beauty On The Fire. What is of great importance - Natalie co-wrote all the tracks on the album. After this release the artist became the model for L'Oreal for 5 years. A little later, in 2003, Imbruglia forgot all her sorrows, as she married her long-time boyfriend Daniel Jones, the frontman of the Australian rock band Silverchair.

The happy marriage influenced the singer greatly - she recorded her third disc Counting Down The Days the same year. The new work radiated gladness. On this edition the artist broadened the boundaries of her music and gave a stylish rock touch to her pop arrangements. This step caused a serious discord between Imbruglia and her recording label, which even refused to release the album in such quality, and the singer transmitted to the Brightside Recordings. So Counting Down The Days hit the shelves only in 2005, emerging the eponymous lead single. In spite of all the Natalie's former label apprehensions, the disc was a success, while the artist locked in the studio again. However, instead of a new album she released a collection of best singles Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007 in 2007. The reason for such decision was serious enough - Natalie played the major part in the film Elise based on Georgia Blain's novel Closed For Winter. Besides, along with the adored by everyone songs, Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007 featured 5 delightful new tracks, which gave a hint, what the fourth album of the singer would be like. In 2009, Natalie presented her new studio effort, so much and long anticipated by her supporters. Called Come To Life, it featured ten brand new compositions.

Studio Albums

Natalie Imbruglia, Male mp3Male
  • Pop Rock
Natalie Imbruglia, Come to Life mp3Come to Life
  • Dance-Pop
  • Electropop
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock
Natalie Imbruglia, Counting Down the Days mp3Counting Down the Days
Third album from the antipodean beauty believes her new disc Counting Down the Days completely encapsulates her upbeat mood, which she attributes
  • Pop
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Pop/Rock
Natalie Imbruglia, White Lilies Island mp3White Lilies Island
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock
Natalie Imbruglia, Left of the Middle mp3Left of the Middle
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock

Compilation albums

Natalie Imbruglia, Glorious: The Singles 97-07 mp3Glorious: The Singles 97-07
Australian pop-singer Natalie Imbruglia decided to celebrate 10 years in musical industry with the single compilation Glorious: The Singles 1997-2007. The album features both indisputable hits from all discs and new wonderful songs
  • Pop