Mute Math is a project that became reality after a long-time collaboration between Paul Meany and Darren King, musicians from different states. They had been exchanging musical ideas and demos via Internet until one day they agreed to form a group. As a result, they assembled Mute Math and recruited Greg Hill and Roy Mitchell-Cardenas. This happened in 2001 after all of the musicians decided to work in a studio in New Orleans, Paul Meany’s hometown. Set to play rock-music, the young men experimented a lot and eventually came to somewhat far from this genre, they barely could define. Despite much guitar sounding and a classic rock fusion of drums and bass, Mute Math loaded their songs with melodies and rhythms from somewhere close to pop. After writing material enough for much more than one album, they decided to play demo-versions of some of their songs to Paul Meany’s old fellow and producer Tedd T. Without hesitation, he proposed partnership to them after hearing what they had made. The negotiations led to establishment of a new indie-label called Teleprompt where Mute Math could work and create without restrictions and limitations.

In the autumn of 2004, Mute Math issued their debut EP, Reset. After that, they used popular Internet sites to reach masses with their single Chaos, posting videos with live versions of this song. It took the band just a couple of months to find supporters all over the USA, eager to see and hear them live. This made it possible to arrange the group’s first nationwide tour during which the musicians realized they could give sold-out concerts everywhere. In 2005, Mute Math began gigging to promote their debut self-titled album. Since its official release was due in the autumn of 2006, it was available earlier only during these concerts.

Mute Math needed only a couple of months to show how good they were on the stage and in the studio, working on the new material. They developed a unique style combining ringing guitars, hip-hop beats, emotional singing and rare instruments. The musicians like trying something new, which makes their songs sound during the concerts much different from their album versions. It is essential that on the stage, Mute Math do not simply perform music pieces, but give real shows with acrobatic numbers and fascinating communication with the audience all night long. Judging by the band’s site constantly featuring new shots from their performances, it presents huge interest to the fans. Active touring took so much time that the musicians were back in the studio two years after they released the first effort. In the summer of 2009, Mute Math delivered the second long player under the title Armistice. This record proved that the band strives to evolve and prepares many surprises, pleasant only. Two years later the musicians released their second live album titled Armistice Live (2010) and pleased all connoisseurs of the live sound. Fresh material and the incredible atmosphere of the gig became a great addition to Mute Math’s discography.

Studio Albums

MUTEMATH, Changes mp3Changes
  • Indie Rock
  • Electropop
  • Indie Pop
MUTEMATH, Vitals mp3Vitals
  • Indie Pop
  • Synth Pop
MUTEMATH, Odd Soul mp3Odd Soul
  • Art Rock
  • Blues Rock
MUTEMATH, Armistice mp3Armistice
American musicians Mute Math are ready to evolve and experiment. Their new album, Armistice, proves that they do not intend to copy, yet strive to develop their music


    MUTEMATH, Reset EP mp3Reset EP
    • Indie Rock
    • Art Rock
    • Electronic


    MUTEMATH, Odd Soul Live In DC mp3Odd Soul Live In DC
    • Alternative
    • Pop/Rock
    MUTEMATH, Armistice Live mp3Armistice Live
    • Indie Rock
    • Art Rock