Martina Topley-Bird


The British singer Martina Topley Bird started her musical career in 90’s alongside with the earliest explorer of the trip-hop style Tricky. She took part in the creation of his debut album Maxinquaye and after that she collaborated with him during the recording of his following albums right up to 1998. Then their relationship took a turn for the worse and Martine decided to start her solo career, and her skills and talent let her do that easily.

Topley Bird started working on the material for her debut album at Space Eko Recording Studios in London. She also produced her record together with a production team AMP9. In summer 2003 Martina issued her very first single Need One, which attracted many listeners’ attention in no time. The singer’s first studio work titled Quixotic was released in 2003 and it received fair reviews from the critics: in Quixotic Martina managed to combine different styles, such as hip-hop, electronic and rock in a very delicate way. It was so well done that in 2003 that album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. It is worth mentioning that Martina’s old friend Tricky took part in the creation of Quixotic: the musicians performed together the composition Ragga. Topley Bird’s music was very well received all around the world and turned out to be called-for: Martina’s song Sandpaper Kisses was included into the computer game Fahrenheit soundtrack.

In March 2008 the singer issued the first single Carnies from her second studio work and it was followed by another single Poison. The latter included the B-side Soldier Boy, recorded with the legendary Gorillaz. Topley Bird’s second album titled The Blue God appeared in 2008. It was acclaimed by the musical experts and highly enjoyed by her fans, because Martina managed to save her signature sound which is extremely recognizable and can be hardly mixed up with someone else’s. The Blue God turned out to be very strong and solid record, however all the tracks are different and each of them has its unique mood.

In 2010 Topley Bird’s discography was enlarged by her new studio work Some Place Simple. Traditionally it is a very strong and atmospheric album, and the delicate arrangements will please all the connoisseurs of good music. The singer’s old fans will recognize the signature and enigmatic sound which combines perfectly with Martina’s exquisite vocals. Some Place Simple is the brightest example of skilful album of talented British singer. That record will be enjoyed by the music lovers who are already acquainted with Martina Topley Bird’s creativity and will surprise those who are just going to explore the atmosphere of her music.

Studio Albums

Martina Topley-Bird, Forever I Wait mp3Forever I Wait
  • Dub
  • Indie Pop
  • Trip Hop
Martina Topley-Bird, Some Place Simple mp3Some Place Simple
The album Some Place Simple is a collection of songs from both of Martina Topley Bird’s albums performed with the accompaniment of live instruments on which the singer herself and her percussionist Ninja are playing
  • Folk Pop
Martina Topley-Bird, The Blue God mp3The Blue God
The Blue God is made for those who seek for competent pop music. Martina Topley Bird is really talented in both ways, as a singer and as a songwriter. And collaboration with such a famous producer as Danger Mouse ensured first-grade arrangements
  • Pop
  • Indie Pop
  • Trip Hop