Studio Album by released in 2007
Version's tracklist:
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (feat. The Daptone Horns)
Oh My God (feat. Lily Allen)
Stop Me (feat. Daniel Merriweather)
Toxic (feat. Tiggers)
Valerie (feat. Amy Winehouse)
Apply Some Pressure (feat. Paul Smith)
Pretty Green (feat. Santogold)
Just (feat. Phantom Planet)
Amy (feat. Kenna)
The Only One I Know (feat. Robbie Williams)
L.S.F. (feat. Kasabian)

Version review

Mark Ronson – the most suitable person for writing true cover-versions

The idea of blending musical genres together is not a new concept; moreover, there is nothing really special about making cover versions. But it always stays in demand - people love various remakes of well-known hits, especially if a new version is done in the opposite genre and there is a sense of irony in it. And though many artists used this approach more than once, good and indeed interesting covers are still hard to find. Probably the solution of this problem wasn't a mission of vital importance for well-known English DJ and producer Mark Ronson but it was him who has finally decided to solve it. And it is good that it was he. Cover-versions are not that easy, you know, especially if you want to put rock into dance music shape competently. He has both, experience, Ronson produced multiple songs on albums of Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse and Robbie Williams, and good taste, he was one of the most respected DJs of New York in 90's and became famous for his divers, genre-spanning selections. In a word, Mark Ronson knows much about the music and since he got down to rock hits reworking he will make it with appropriate responsibility. And this is what he has successfully proved on his new album Version.               

Version offers a blend of absolutely different genres

A list of selected tracks is comprised mostly of songs from different indie and rock stars. The first Ronson's "victim" is God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay), which turned out to be a light, fun instrumental with loud brass, up-tempo beat and unpretentious guitars. The next track is a really interesting version of Kaiser Chief's Oh My God. The ideas of original song are so converted that instead of stomping rock hit we hear lively, club-dance track with a big share of brass instruments. Lily Allen's childlike vocal sounds so natural and easy here that you start thinking that Kiser Chiefs composed this song especially for her. In fact, brass instruments play a very important role throughout the entire album. The leading single Just (Radiohead) is extremely significant example of Ronson's active usage of trumpets. As usual, this version is quite unpredictable. It features rather complex arrangements, diverse structure, dance beats and a mixture of absolutely different genres. But the culmination of unexpectedness comes with a version of Britney Spears's Toxic, Ronson made a real ska composition out of it. It would be interesting to know what Britney could say about insidious voice of Ol' Dirty Bastard singing her lyrics.               

Version – a benchmark collection of cover-versions

Someone may think that the album of cover-versions is a thankless and even unviable matter. And this is actually true to some certain degree. A performer acts as if he claims to be more progressive and have more interesting views upon someone else's songs and this is quite risky, one may simply fail to do that and gain bad reputation. But this has nothing to do with Version. First of all, there is a necessary share of good musical humor. Secondly, the offered versions sound more than just interesting and besides, all the tracks are made highly professional and feature all necessary stylistic details and deliciousness. And thirdly, Ronson's work is not a simple transferring of songs from one genre to another; he offers something personal and unprecedented. His tracks can be equally friendly to dance floors of indie, R&B and jazz parties. Versions is a model of cover versions collection. Each song is unique as it has its original variant and at the same time none of them break the whole sonic concept of the album. In a word, Version earns loud praises and intent attention.                

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