Phinally Phamous

Studio Album by released in 2004
Phinally Phamous's tracklist:
Phinally Phamous
I Sho Will
Static Addict
Smoke My Dro (feat. Dirt Bag)
Icy White Soljas
Hoods Run Down (feat. Frayzer Boy)
By 2 da Bad Guy (feat. DJ Paul)
I Did'em Wrong
My Cutlass
Big Ass Guns (feat. Frayzer Boy)
Look Like You
U.S. Soldier Boy (feat. Three 6 Mafia)
Drinking Song
Bay Area
Acid 2004-5 (feat. Three 6 Mafia)
Bald Head Hoes (feat. DJ Paul & Juicy J.)
Everybody Gettin Crunk
Possie Song (feat. H.C.P.)
Crazy (feat. Josey Scott of Saliva)

Phinally Phamous review

Memphis-based rapper Lil Wyte has been hailed as one of the best underground artists since the release of his debut album, Doubt Me Now. Two years after his debut, Wyte came back with a vengeance to release his second album, Phinally Phamous. From the beginning to the end, Wyte runs a lyrical stampede over any other last year’s albums and really shows off his talent on this album. Fast and slow, hard and soft, Wyte utilizes many different styles to get his point across. Lil' Wyte's life is actually a lot calmer now compared to his past dramas. He's focused on his family and his music. All of Lil' Wytes' career goals and ambitions have come true. He released his solo debut album before he was 21 and he has even bigger plans for his sophomore effort.

With I Sho Will, the debut Phinally Phamous’ single, it's immediately apparent what instantly caught the eye of ace producers Juicy J and DJ Paul of the Three 6 Mafia family. With its insistent beat, its catch-phrase refrains, and its fast-paced, slang-twisting, layered lyrics, the song is an instant classic. On this track, the young MC declares himself the "Willie Nelson of the next generation" in an oddly observational tone; more than a tossed-off boast, it's a well-etched metaphor dropped in the middle of rapid-fire freestyling. Static Addic is a halfway successful attempt to keep the momentum going and the only time the album's party chants are standard issue. Not to worry, tracks like I Did 'Em Wrong, My Cutlass, and Icy Whites Soljas are so alive they're hard to resist if you have even the slightest taste for that brash and minimal sound from the South. Other notable songs are: Look like You, a song about the dangers of drugs; and U.S. Soldier Boy, an anthem for the soldiers in Iraq. There are even a few surprises like the appearance of Josey Scott from popular group and hometown homies, Saliva. Overall, Phinally Phamous holds your attention throughout the whole album, a feat that very few artists can accomplish.

Lil Wyte is one of crunk's greatest champions and even a major label can't make him stray from releasing a street-worthy album. Maybe it's the guest stars, all from Lil Wyte's hood and all straight crunk. Maybe it's producers DJ Paul and Juicy J who work on all the tracks but still keep things fresh. Maybe it's that Lil Wyte couldn't do it any other way. He's crunk to the core and has delivered one of the genre's few great full-lengths. Phinally Phamous is packed full of lyrics that compel the listener to do a double take, rewind, and nod at the deftness of a well-turned phrase. Here Lil Wyte is a rapper on the rise and, with its unwavering energy, Phinally Phamous portends to make him just that.

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