Studio Albums

Jamie Foxx, Best Night of My Life mp3Best Night of My Life
The tracks on Jamie Foxx' fourth album Best Night Of My Life are carried out in the best R&B traditions, the production is practically brought to perfection and the beats are full of energy
  • Contemporary R&B
  • Pop Rap
Jamie Foxx, Intuition mp3Intuition
One look at the Intuition track-list is enough to understand that Jamie Foxx has been once again lucky to work with the most venerable R&B and hip-hop performers. On the whole the album proves to be the same light and soulful as both of his first wor
  • Contemporary R&B
Jamie Foxx, Unpredictable mp3Unpredictable
On Unpredictable Foxx managed to assemble a line-up of guests that reads like a Billboard Top Ten chart. The album reveals an artist ready to play in R&B's big leagues. It is a thoroughly modern R&B offering with hip-hop beats and shimmering layers
  • Contemporary R&B
Jamie Foxx, Peep This mp3Peep This
  • Contemporary R&B