Studio Album by released in 2012
Blunderbuss's tracklist:
Missing Pieces
Sixteen Saltines
Freedom at 21
Love Interruption
Hypocritical Kiss
Weep Themselves to Sleep
I'm Shakin'
Trash Tongue Talker
Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
I Guess I Should Go to Sleep
On and On and On
Take Me with You When You Go

Blunderbuss review

Jack White – modern classic of rock’n’roll

American stage has always been and it still is one of the most productive. Numerous bands from the USA have already conquered listeners’ hearts all around the world, and they are not going to stop. The band The White Stripes is a wonderful example of how dreams may come true. Many people dream about becoming rock stars, however unfortunately (or luckily) just a few can handle and realize this audacious plan. Brother and sister Jack and Meg White as The White Stripes managed to get a world-wide fame. Meanwhile Jack had enough strength and desire to work on his side projects, which were not less immense than their creativity with sister. The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather… so to say record of service of the virtuoso guitarist and talented singer is rather impressive. It was logical to assume that the time when Jack would like to record his solo attempt would come sooner or later. Finally, to a great joy of music lovers, that moment has come. Back in 2001 the artist established his own record label called Third Man Records, where he created his debut solo album eleven years later. White has made a great way to that long play, and that is why Blunderbuss should be especially interesting for all the lovers of rock.

A very personal album with a loud title Blunderbuss

In one of the interviews Jack White stated that he had had an idea to release songs under his own name a long time ago. He just did not have the right moment to do that, so the rocker has been waiting. He got new songs and finally the moment appeared. White said that compositions that were included into Blunderbuss are very personal, and they seemed just right to be presented within a framework of the solo album. The long awaited record is opened by a relatively calm song called Missing Pieces, performed in the best traditions of good old rock. The following track Sixteen Saltines is highly charged with pure energy and it demonstrates that Jack loves and knows how to let his emotions go freely. And that what makes that artist’s songs so impressive, rememberable and explosive. Anyways, Jack has a great reputation of an artist who can surprise fans with new features all the time. Freedom at 21, for example, will please listeners by an interesting rhythm section and vivid recitative. The title song of Blunderbuss reminds of an incredibly successful mix of blues, rock and even folk music – the final result impresses with its melodiousness. Another fascinating creation titled Weep Themselves to Sleep is just an endless extravaganza of sound: piano, guitars, loud drums – it had enough room for everything. By the way, the quantity of instruments that were used in the creative process of the entire album is no doubt impressive. Maracas, organ, tambourines, fiddle and many more. The whole orchestra under Jack White’s command – promising act indeed.

High quality rock from maestro White

Jack White is a very important and remarkable person on the rock stage. There is no doubt that good old rebellious rock’n’roll had an immense influence on the artist, and nowadays it is extremely fascinating to follow his creativity and to watch how White brings his own ideas to life. Jack’s songs can be hardly mixed up with someone else’s: they absorbed elements of blues, rock, folk music and many other genres. And that is actually great, because it is almost impossible to create something absolutely brand new, and is it necessary, after all? Jack White feels just fine in the atmosphere of rock’n’roll, skillfully operating with the subgenres of that astonishing musical direction. Blunderbuss has become a completely new stage for Jack, there is no doubt about it. Devil’s dozen of excellent and original songs will not be ignored by critics and fans. The very release of Blunderbuss generated lots of buzz, but listeners had opportunity to get acquainted with only three songs before that. Jack White was getting to the solo album without haste, step by step. It turns out that the intuition did not let him down – the moment for the release was chosen perfectly.

Danil Chernovalov (12.05.2012)
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