The British band Hard-Fi was formed in 2003. The musicians did not need a lot of time to prove that they were not just another new and promising young band from England. Hard-Fi created their own unique style by mixing punk-rock, ska, dance punk and alternative rock. Well, that style was really enjoyed by listeners. The group’s first singles, Cash Machine and Tied Up Too Tight appeared in 2005 and prepared music lovers for the new bright quartet to get on the stage. The quartet’s third single titled Hard To Beat was of a great success and it became a sort of a catalyst for Hard-Fi’s career.

Thereby the band was noticed not only by listeners, but also by representatives of major record labels. Hard-Fi signed a contract with Necessary Records and began recording their very first full-length album. The official release of Stars of CCTV took place in 2005 as well and it made a real furor. Stars of CCTV made a full way to the top of Great Britain chart and it was also nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize. The musicians did not even expect that their studio attempt would be taken so well – initially they did not even plan to sell so many records. However more than three hundred thousand of Stars of CCTV copies were sold in the United Kingdom only, while about a million of albums were sold all over the world. Well, Hard-Fi started career in a loud and confident way, so they just had to prepare the second album that would be not less rememberable and original than Stars of CCTV.

Rockers needed only two years to write and record their fresh material. The band’s second studio work was titled Once Upon a Time in the West and it appeared on the shelves in autumn of 2007. Once again the creation Hard-Fi got to the very top of albums chart of Great Britain. Actually, it was not such a big surprise. The rockers managed to find their style. Rememberable, bright and energetic, it was highly enjoyed by listeners and it was critically acclaimed as well. But the main point is that this style pleased the musicians themselves. They decided not to make any serious changes. Maybe Once Upon a Time in the West proved to be a bit darker than its predecessor; however it was of the same high quality, that is for sure.

Hard-Fi’s third long play Killer Sounds saw the light in 2011. The musicians warmed up the interest to their new record by issuing two strong singles: Good for Nothing and Fire in the House. Eleven tracks of Killer Sounds are just amazing, just like the songs of Hard-Fi should be. The British quartet knows how the music flows, and nobody doubts it. Thus, Killer Sounds will be enjoyed both by the band’s old fans and by those, who are just going to get acquainted with its creativity. It is not a secret to anyone that alternative rock is many-sided, and Hard-Fi presents to us their vision of it.

Studio Albums

Hard-Fi, Killer Sounds mp3Killer Sounds
The British rockers Hard-Fi pleased listeners with their new studio album. The long awaited record Killer Sounds saw the light in summer of 2011 and immediately became a spotlight
  • Britpop
  • Indie Rock
Hard-Fi, Once Upon a Time in the West mp3Once Upon a Time in the West
It looks like Hard-Fi will finally win the Mercury Music Prize, which slipped off their hands in 2005. Their new album Once Upon A Time In The West sounds like a natural and improved continuation to their highly successful debit
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
Hard-Fi, Stars of CCTV mp3Stars of CCTV
Stars Of CCTV is chock full of quality, brimming with chunky, angst-ridden pop/rock classics in the making. What Hard-Fi have produced is unqiue and catchy indie rock about inner city tension, disillusionment and the frustration of being young and
  • Britpop
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
  • Pop/Rock
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