Studio Album by released in 2008
Shine's tracklist:
Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)
No Substitute Love
American Boy (feat. Kanye West)
More Than Friends
Magnificent (feat. Kardinal Offishall)
Come Over
So Much Out the Way
In the Rain
Back in Love
You Are (feat. John Legend)
Pretty Please (Love Me) (feat. Cee-Lo)

Shine review

Estelle's more successful sophomore effort

Unfortunately until recently the talent of Fanta Estelle Swaray, professionally known as rapper and singer Estelle born in West London has remained underestimated. Although her debut album The 18th Day has been noticed by the critics and its autobiographical single 1980 has received most positive reviews the 28 year old performer has not yet achieved the success she deserves. Having featured in John Legend's video Save Room she later got signed to his label Homeschool Records on which her sophomore effort Shine is released this spring. The new record is sure to bring the singer popularity and commercial success and of course provide the world with new danceable pop and R&B hits. That leaves no doubt especially if one looks at the impressive least of producers and artists featured on Shine among which there are Will.I.Am, Wyclef Jean, Mark Ronson, Swizz Beatz, Kanye West and of course John Legend. Melodious songs performed by Estelle's husky vocals and great raping, faultless production and clever lyrics filled with the British imagery will surely be to anyone's liking and the singer's fan base will at least double.

It is practically impossible to find a failure track on Shine

Wonderfully original and stylish album Shine is a brilliant example of how a talented artist can express herself surrounded by a company of professionals. Her British accent and manner of singing that at some moments reminds Adele's works add a definite charm to each of the tracks among which it is practically impossible to find a failure. The record opens with the first single Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) pleasing with a memorable tune and Will.I.Am's production while a softer composition No Substitute Love presents to us Estelle experienced in relationship. Another single American Boy featuring Kanye West is a light danceable song that has already firmly occupied the leading chart positions and on songs Magnificent performed with Kardinal Offishall and produced by Mark Ronson and Come Over Estelle refines her singing with the elements of ska and reggae, the styles she has in her blood. One of the most contagious songs on Shine is certainly So Much Out The Way produced by Wyclef Jean on which the artist's rapping is just breathtaking, and In The Rain is a ready made radio hit pleasing not only with the catchy tune but also a very poetic text. John Legend joins Estelle on a duet You Are, a beautiful song performed by two most talented vocalists, and to close the album the title track is saved once again drawing the listener's attention to the singer's personality and life outlook.

Success is already guaranteed to this artist talented indeed

Once you listen to Shine for the first time you will most probably realize that this is exactly the pop music you have been waiting for, light, confidently bold and memorable. The album itself is a great springboard for Estelle who has obviously more to offer and is just exploring the possibilities her talent can go for. Nevertheless this perfectly structured collection of wonderful songs makes one feel like summer even though the singer born in England has associations with a rainy season. The artist handles both dance songs and soft R&B compositions easily most of the lyrics being written by herself. Besides Estelle does not allow herself to move to the background on any of the collaborations constantly occupying the central position. Her voice combines marvelously with the voices of artists who sing with her and the rap in her performance gets more interesting. Quite sensitive in the questions of racism especially in show business the singer believes that it is very important to develop the good qualities and always strive for being number one in everything if one wants to be satisfied with life and sings about that in her songs. Hopefully Shine will be soon followed by new presents from this artist talented indeed and her success is already guaranteed.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (16.04.2008)
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