The Sound of Revenge

Studio Album by released in 2005
The Sound of Revenge's tracklist:
The Sound of Revenge
In the Trunk
Turn It Up (feat. Lil' Flip)
Ridin' (feat. Krayzie Bone)
No Snitchin'
Southern Takeover (feat. Killer Mike & Pastor Troy)
Radio Interruption
Grown and Sexy
Think I'm Crazy (feat. Natalie)
Rain (feat. Scarface & Billy Cook)
Picture Perfect (feat. Bun B)
Fly as the Sky (feat. Lil' Wayne & Rasaq)
Peepin' Me
Void in My Life

The Sound of Revenge review

Chamillionaire's latest solo effort and guaranteed hit

Houston-based Chamillionaire has sold more than 250,000 independent mixtapes and albums in his career. Originally starting out in the Swisha House camp with his child hood friend, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire soon parted ways with the Houston, TX heavyweights and set out on his own. His latest solo effort and guaranteed hit is The Sound of Revenge. This may be his first major-label debut but Chamillionaire can’t be touted as another new jack trying to earn his stripes. Since his teens he has grinded independently and consistently killed his hometown’s mixtape game with his lyrical ability, earning him the nickname The Mixtape Messiah and gaining a cult fan following in the process. Now with his new release Chamillionaire not only kills the misconception that Southern rappers lack lyrical ability but lets the world know he alone is a force to be reckoned with on the mic. Catchy hooks help to sustain the listener's attention throughout the album. The Sound of Revenge is as strong as Slim Thug's Already Platinum and has more dimensions.

Long list of guest appearances and hot production

On The Sound of Revenge Chamillionaire is packing so much lyrical heat, it’s easy to overlook the long list of guest appearances (including Lil’ Wayne, Bun B and Pastor Troy) and hot production from Scott Storch and Atlanta’s own Beat Bullies. Aptly titled, revenge is clearly the album’s theme. In fact, Chamillionaire is often at his best when he is aggressively attacking his detractors, evident on songs like Hate in The Sound of Revenge, where he changes flows and rides the beat with ease. The head-nodding In the Trunk is a perfect example of how Chamillionaire offers the best of both worlds: some of the nicest lyrics spat by an MC out of Houston this year over dope beats. Lyrics aside, Chamillionaire's creativity and substance also indicate what makes him different in comparison to other hip-hop artists hailing from Houston. Void In My Life finds Chamillionaire looking inside himself and the world around him, as well as delving into his childhood being raised by his Christian mother and Muslim father. Whether he is introspectively reflecting on his life (also check out Rain featuring Scarface and R&B singer Billy Cook who does an exceptional vocal job) or showcasing his conceptual side (Radio Interruption), Chamillionaire's sheer rhyme skills, clear delivery and versatile flow never disappoint.

The Sound Of Revenge lives up to the hype

While he embraces the Houston culture, Chamillionaire is out to show a different side of Texas emcees. What immediately draws you into Chamillionaire's world is his distinct and intriguing voice, as well as his complex rhyme scheme, particularly the way he effortlessly changes tempos and styles. Drawing comparisons to 50 Cent, Chamillionaire's knack for the construction of addictive and harmonized hooks further sets him apart from his Southern counterparts. But beyond all the flash lies his ability to provide cunning lyrics and conceptual material rarely seen from today's crop of Houston emcees. This is seen throughout the album, as Chamillionaire reinforces that the South can indeed rap. The Sound of Revenge lives up to the hype. While the overload of guest appearances may turn some fans away, all of the collaborative tracks thankfully work well, as Chamillionaire effortlessly blends his guests into his environment. The Sound of Revenge doesn't rely on guest shots; this is Chamillionaire's show through and through, as proven by each track on this assured and potent record. With concentrated attention towards lyrics, creativity and substance, he destroys the misconception of a Texas rapper.

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