American rock band Cake was formed in early nineties by the vocalist and irreplaceable leader John McCrea, guitarist Greg Brown, drummer Frank French, bassist Shon Meckfessel and trumpeter Vince DiFiore. Since that time the line-up was changed, however the band did not lose its uniqueness and easy recognizable sound. It is definitely worth mentioning that the musicians are fond of experiments with styles, so their songs often include elements of such genres as ska, rap, jazz and even country.

Cake’s debut work titled Motorcade Of Generosity was released in 1994. The musical career began, and the rockers needed two years to prepare and record the new long play: Fashion Nugget (1996) became a turning point for Cake. The album got excellent reviews from the critics, while numerous music lovers really enjoyed the band’s creativity. Platinum Fashion Nugget was followed by the record Prolonging The Magic (1998), which proved to be original and successful as well. It included the famous hit single Never There that peaked at the very top of U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks.

For Cake the new millennium started with the strong work Comfort Eagle (2001), created in the band’s signature manner. The fans got such rememberable compositions as Love You Madly, Opera Singer and many others. Three years later Cake’s discography was enlarged by the record Pressure Chief (2004), which consisted of eleven tracks, just as its predecessor Comfort Eagle. Two of these songs, She'll Hang The Baskets and Tougher Than It Is were originally written for the long play Prolonging The Magic (1998), but appeared only six years later on the album Pressure Chief.

The release of the group’s first compilation album B-Sides And Rarities took place in 2007. That record pleased the listeners not only by Cake’s original material, but also by interesting cover versions, such as War Pigs by the legendary Black Sabbath and Barry White's song Never, Never Gonna Give You Up. The rockers’ long awaited sixth studio attempt Showroom Of Compassion saw the light in 2011 and it completely satisfied Cake’s fans’ expectations. Renewed sound got some fresh elements that made Showroom Of Compassion even more atmospheric. There is absolutely no doubt that Showroom Of Compassion will please Cake’s old fans and all those who are just going to get acquainted with Californian band’s creativity.

Studio Albums

CAKE, Showroom of Compassion mp3Showroom of Compassion
Its sixth studio work Showroom Of Compassion is similar to and at the same time different from all Cake's previous material. Wordplay, metaphors and unexpected rhymes still prevail in lyrics and sound so tasteful in John McCrea’s performance
  • Pop/Rock
CAKE, Pressure Chief mp3Pressure Chief
  • Electropop
  • Pop/Rock
CAKE, Comfort Eagle mp3Comfort Eagle
  • Pop/Rock
CAKE, Fashion Nugget mp3Fashion Nugget
  • Pop/Rock
  • Alt-Country
CAKE, Motorcade of Generosity mp3Motorcade of Generosity
  • Mariachi
  • Pop/Rock
  • Alt-Country

Compilation albums