Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Studio Album by released in 2011
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two's tracklist:
Make Some Noise
Nonstop Disco Powerpack
Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version) (Feat. Nas)
Say It
The Bill Harper Collection
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Feat. Santigold)
Long Burn The Fire
Funky Donkey
The Larry Routine
Tadlock's Glasses
Lee Majors Come Again
Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
Here's A Little Something For Ya
Crazy Ass Shit
The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two review

Beastie Boys did release it

Collectors of countless awards, high titles and prestigious prizes, first widely known white performers of traditionally ‘back’ music, Beastie Boys, put at stake a great lot of efforts, nerves and time to finish their album number eight. Hot Sauce Committee Part One was scheduled to go out in 2009, but one of the band’s members, known as MCA, was diagnosed with cancer and taken to hospital. After his return to professional functions, Beastie Boys corrected the tile by replacing Part One with Part Two and slightly modified the track list, which in the end included sixteen pieces. Despite the impressive number, the duration of the whole album is limited by the classic forty five minutes. Keeping in mind the experimental nature of the previous record dropped by Beasite Boys, the instrumental CD The Mix-Up (2007), Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is the first full-length studio work released by the band after To The 5 Boroughs, a 2004 output.

100% Beastie Boys

As a matter of fact, the musicians make a loud invitation to have a party, a feast and even raise a small hell right from the start, from Make Some Noise. The listener’s favorite fusion of punk and hip-hop unfolds in all its prime in Lee Majors Come Again. Beastie Boys signature many-voice singing hails you in Nonstop Disco Powerpack. Several tracks here demonstrate the band’s loyalty to simplicity, minimalism and lo-fi techniques. OK features really retro-like synths, Say It reminds of old computer game soundtrack, and Tadlock’s Glasses, and Here's a Little Something for Ya sound so as to produce an effect of an old worn out tape. There is no surprise about any of these. Beastie Boys have always been known for following the stylistics of old time performers, even those who could not theoretically be associated with hip-hop. Today, too, Boys do not strive to look in the direction of the contemporary rap-stage tendencies as they prefer to preserve their own style polished to perfection in so many years.

Could be the best work in the band’s discography

The new album by Beastie Boys discloses the band's most powerful sides, refreshing their superiority, the one that many thought to be fading into the ashes of the past. While everyone knows that these musicians are unsurpassed in bringing fragments of various genres into one structure, very few could expect that Hot Sauce Committee Part Two would, arguably, become the most exemplary work of that kind in their discography. The eighth long player from the legendary US outfit appears a genuine monolith piece where all roughness formed automatically as a result of genre fusion is smoothed flat. All classic tricks, exquisite humor and cheerful Beastie Boys mood are present here in full. In the meantime, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is in no way something separate, a work contradicting the rest of the band’s catalogue. In fact, this album is where Beastie Boys recollect the highlights of their past efforts. This is a beautiful and confident continuation to the way once chosen by the musicians. Judging by this work, this way is immensely far from its ending.

Alex Bartholomew (04.05.2011)
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