Amy Macdonald is a world known star, and she managed to achieve such an honorable status due to her talent and uniqueness. Amy started to play guitar in her childhood, and since that time she barely left her favorite musical instrument. Young musician started to play acoustic concerts at 15, and her professional career began in 2007, when she was only 19 years old. Macdonald’s first album This Is The Life became platinum, as far more than 2.5 millions copies were sold all over the world. It is absolutely clear, that this fact made Amy happy about her musical career start, but as she said, live performances that take place in various clubs and theatres in different countries bring her the real pleasure. The very energy of live music is the most important component in Amy’s creativity.

Uniqueness and originality defined the style of young Scottish singer: the first place takes the guitar, which melodiousness is emphasized by the bass guitar, drums, keyboard accompaniment and of course the incredible voice. Many musical experts compare Amy’s vocals with singing of bright representative of Irish school Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries. The lyrics are one of the fundamental elements of Macdonald’s creativity. She noted that it is all based on her own life experience and reflections about things and events that are interesting and close to her. Fact that nowadays Amy is world known star did not have the influence on her world outlook, and she still gets inspiration from her heart, and a place for work and creation is the same: small and more than cosy studio in Surrey house of Amy’s producer and manager Pete Wilkinson. Moreover, in song Pretty Face Scottish singer touches upon the topic of celebrity life and she says that she simply hates the showing-off aspect of musical industry. “It is all about the music itself and not about the clothes”.

In 2009 Amy Macdonald started to work on her second album A Curious Thing. The title was chosen on purpose: these are the words of new song called No Roots, where Amy reflects about her life that was changed dramatically after she signed a contract with a sound recording company. The whole sound of the second studio record differs from This Is The Life, because during the numerous tours Amy and her musicians had been jamming a lot, finding new sound and creating versions of their songs. And this thing made Scottish singer think about experiments with new instruments just to get fresh sound and make A Curious Thing sound big. Amy Macdonald manages to combine dissonant things: she is known in the whole world, her records have a very high level of sales, and she performs in best concert halls and clubs in many countries. But still Amy is strong enough to save her own life values, stay faithful to her ideals and to resist a full scale celebrity life. Her music is first of all a revelation, and that is why Amy Macdonald earned her fans’ love.

Studio Albums

Amy Macdonald, The Human Demands mp3The Human Demands
  • Folk Rock
  • Pop Rock
Amy Macdonald, Under Stars mp3Under Stars
  • Folk Rock
  • Country Pop
Amy Macdonald, Life In A Beautiful Light mp3Life In A Beautiful Light
Amy Macdonald appeared on the world stage comparatively recently, however she found her fans quickly. They have a great reason for joy, because Macdonald has just released her third studio attempt titled Life in a Beautiful Light
  • Pop
Amy Macdonald, A Curious Thing mp3A Curious Thing
The young pop-rock performer Amy MacDonald has never seen her age as a big problem. At her twenty two, she continues writing and doing excellent music, which is demonstrated on her second long player, A Curious Thing
  • Pop/Rock
Amy Macdonald, This Is the Life mp3This Is the Life
Young Scottish songstress Amy MacDonald doesn't have to worry about high competition on music market. Her first album This Is The Life looks very worthy and is able to overcome all barriers on its path to listeners
  • Folk Pop
  • Pop/Rock