Paper Walls

Studio Album by released in 2007
Paper Walls's tracklist:
The Takedown
Shrink the World
Light Up the Sky
Shadows and Regrets
Five Becomes Four
Date Line (I Am Gone)
Dear Bobbie
You and Me and One Spotlight
Cut Me, Mick
Paper Walls

Paper Walls review

American band that managed with many difficulties

The pop-punk quintet Yellowcard was formed in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, in 1990s and recorded its debut work Midget Tossing, in 1997. It was succeded by two more albums in 1999 and 2000. One for the Kids (2001) was released only after these three creations. But on the official site of the band the work of 2001 is puzzingly said to be number one in their musical activity. The solution to this mistery is that by 2001 Yellowcard was left by both the soloist and the guitarist. They were successfully changed by Ryan Key, another Jacksonville musician. The band also made their invited violinist, whose play later would become the unique feature of Yellowcard, a full-right member and decided to start from the zero. But problems with the lineup had just begun: working with the approximate speed of one album per year Yellowcard had to say good-bye to two bass-players and one more guitarist. The band found changes, though one basist soon came back. Despite of all this reshuffle Ocean Avenue (2003) became 2xPlatinum. Music from the album was used in soundtrack of "Spiderman 2". Band's success was comfirmed in 2006 by Lights and Sounds, which became Gold. In summer of 2007 Yellowcard asked the public to welcome their new work, Paper Walls.

Paper Walls contains mostly autobiographic lyrics

Paper Walls begins with a very energetic and emotional leading track, The Takedown. The song is worth all praises for the simple but unforgettable guitar riff and strikingly brilliant drumming style of the percussionist. Another rythmical and intense song is Five Becomes Four, dedicated to former guitarist Ben Harper. No doubt, it is a high quiality sample of pop-punk, noticeable for the thrilling violin play. The same unique feature of Yellowcard's style decorates the dramatic album closer Paper Walls, angelic female vocals and acoustic in the beginning contribute to its atmoshpere. Dear Bobbie is a memorable track of immencely stirring lyrics devoted to Ryan Key's grandfather. It includes the original audio record of the 87-year-old grandfather reading a love letter to his wife. One more extremely emotional tune, Shadows and Regrets, is dedicated to the vocalist's best friend, who died in a car crash. The melody is overfilled with sorrow and grief. At least one more song, Cut Me, Mick, should be listened to because of its strong message, expressed by the citation from the famous film "Rocky".

Real pop-punks sing about strong emotions

This band went through drastic shifts in lineup (drummer is the only original member) but did not collapse or lose in quality with time - moreover, Yellowcard became even better: one day they are sure to become a really huge pop-punk band like Green Day. Although some critics compare the band with early Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, guys stay aside from typical representatives of this extremely popular for today style by both easily recognized sound and behaviour. Yellowcard band does not try to draw attention in search of popularity. Such negligence astonishes, as the band is more gripping in terms of music then many of their peers. But this careless attitude to fame is the display of authentic pop-punk culture and scores into the favour of Yellowcard. Their emotions and thoughts are the only things they focus on. In Paper Walls the band sings about love and hate, death and pain with the sencerity that will reach the heart of the most experienced listener.

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