Fragrant World

Studio Album by released in 2012
Fragrant World's tracklist:
Fingers Never Bleed
Blue Paper
Devil and the Deed
No Bones
Reagan's Skeleton
Demon Road
Damaged Goods
Folk Hero Shtick
Glass of the Microscope

Fragrant World review

Yeasayer and their original music

In 2007 at the festival South by Southwest, which is held in Texas, listeners had an opportunity to enjoy (and to appreciate the surprise, in fact) the creativity of a trio that later turned into a band Yeasayer. Back then the extremely young musicians presented quite an original material, which they demonstrated with a remarkable confidence. Soon after that the beginner band released its debut single, which included two tracks only: Sunrise и 2080. Music lovers received these songs very well, thereby it was logical that the artists did not experience any troubles with contract singing. In the same 2007 year Yeasayer presented their first studio album titled All Hour Cymbals. Neo-psychedelic tunes from the young band proved to be so impressive that a well-known and respected on-line magazine Pitchfork Media included Hour Cymbals into the list of the best albums of a first decade of the twenty-first century. Quite an unexpected success for the debut work, isn’t it? However Yeasayer decided not to waste their time and by 2012 the band pleased music lovers with not less fascinating and original creation titled Odd Blood. The group remained faithful to its style, and obviously its main idea is total freedom and absence of any limits. Experimental rock, presented as it is seen and felt by Yeasayer, was enjoyed by music lovers, that is why the fact that the band’s new record, Fragrant World, appeared to be in the spotlight, was not a surprise at all.

Eleven discoveries on Fragrant World

If we imagine that people need experimental rock to study new edges of music, then Fragrant World is here to show eleven brand new discoveries. Unusual part of drums in an opening track Fingers Never Bleed is nothing but a foundation for the elaborated networks of sounds. Among those one can find some strange sounds, at least they may seem like this at first. Anyways, this is only a beginning. Music lovers are about to find many surprises, so no one will be bored. Longevity, for instance, will make fans of Yeasayer listen carefully to melodies, which are beautifully interlocking. In fact they exist in a harmony, even in spite of a little bit chaotic atmosphere of a track. A rigorous composition Blue Paper is an ideal addition to the long play’s concept, as soon as even within this very song the musicians managed to make several catchy and smart transformations. Rhythm, tunes and even change of instruments sound amazing indeed. The composition Devil and the Deed has become a good example of Yeasayer members' abilities to play with changes of tempos. Eleven songs of Fragrant World are distant from each other; however it is simply impossible to take any of them out of the playlist. Fragrant World is surely a solid creation, consisting of incredibly different elements though.

What shall one expect from Yeasayer?

Several years ago Yeasayer’s appearance generated lots of buzz, it was a great surprise for music lovers and a good source of joy as well. Debut album Hour Cymbals was great, and luckily the following studio attempt Odd Blood proved to be not less fascinating. The musicians kept on writing songs in their own unique style that is really easy to recognize. No limits, as before. Those who truly love unusual sound were looking for Fragrant World, just trying to guess what kind of sound Yeasayer would present this time. Well, the quintet did not disappoint its faithful fans, as soon as they will be able to enjoy such interesting numbers as Damaged Goods, Reagan's Skeleton and other for a long time. Such songs demand careful listening and even some detachment from daily routine. If Yeasayer can abstract people from problems and take their listeners to the world of systematic chaos, vivid melodies and broken rhythms, then all this should be called a success. Fragrant World is not a record for everyone, but if you find it astonishing, make sure to get acquainted with the band’s early art. You will be hardly disappointed.

Danil Chernovalov (13.08.2012)
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