Full Circle

Studio Album by released in 2006
Full Circle's tracklist:
Invade My Space (feat. Jelly Roll)
Rollin' (feat. Jelly Roll)
Ram Part Division
Say It to My Face (feat. Kurupt & Don Blaze)
The Donnell Rawlings Show (skit)
Scandalous Bitch
On Bail (feat. The Game, Daz & T-Pain)
Family Values
Black and Brown (feat. Jelly Roll)
The Whole World
Poppin' Off (feat. DJ Quik & King T)
Movin' in Your Chucks (feat. Too $hort & Kurupt)
Thank You

Full Circle review

The real hip-hop

Full Circle is the new album released by Xzibit, one of the most famous rappers of the West Coast. It is a real classic hip-hop, with hard lyrics, powerful beat and touching upon some of the most serious problems and contradictions. From the moment of the release of his first album At the Speed of Life in 1996 Xzibit’s talent was obvious, when he was immediately called one of the most promising performers of the West Coast. In the late 90s he finally gets to meet the eminent Dr. Dre, who produces Snoop Dogg’s mega-hit Bitch, Please, featuring Xzibit. Soon after that, during the summer of 2000, Bitch, Please, Dr. Dre invites the young rapper to join him on his tour around the US, also featuring such world-famous performers as Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Ice Cube. Now Xzibit is a famous personality, being a hip-hop performer, an actor and a television personality in one. He stars in movies, TV shows, makes soundtracks for video games, and does everything to prove his status of a real hip-hop star.

Full Circle is absolutely uncompromising

Throughout the years of his career, the rapper had his own falls and rises, but what always gained him respect on the part of his fans was his allegiance to the West Coast and former colleagues. His uncompromising manner is seen on the new album, in which Xzibit goes into most actual topics in his own straightforward manner, showing everybody who still needs it the proof that he is back and is willing to take up on his own terms. One of the first released singles from the album was Concentrate, a really powerful and bright track, though a little specific, but the one that sure has a potential to conquer any hit-list. The track Thank You is a unique composition, by which the performer sincerely and honestly thanks his fans. Xzibit sounds as a complete and confident rapper here, without a fear of being misinterpreted of becoming too sensitive. The composition Black & Brown is a comment on the growing tensions between Afroamericans and Latinoamericans, and his Ram Part Division is a hard and angry monologue on the part of a corrupt police officer, reflecting the eternal tensions between the rappers and the law-enforcement body.

A Thorough and Powerful Work

Full Circle touches upon Xzibit’s TV show Pimp My Ride, on MTV, but without overemphasizing and ridiculous capitalizing. This show gains him no less popularity and respect, than his albums, though music has always been the key-point in the rapper’s life. His Full Circle represents a thorough and powerful work, the grown professional level of which is hard to underestimate. The guest-star list is beyond any critics either. Here are all the West Coast rappers, the long-time friends Jelly Roll, Daz, Kurupt, together with such super-stars as DJ Quik, King T and The Game. Surrounded by a well-known folks, Xzibit sounds solid and comfortable enough to think about talking that this record is one of the most powerful creations of this performer released by now. Gaining respect among the likeminded once more, Xzibit proceeds amazing his admirers by a quality rap, ignoring which would be depriving yourself of a pleasure to witness one of the most striking phenomena of the modern music culture.

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