Studio Album by released in 2010
Hurley's tracklist:
Ruling Me
Where's My Sex?
Run Away
Hang On
Smart Girls
Brave New World
Time Flies
All My Friends Are Insects
Viva La Vida
I Want to Be Something
Represent (Rocked Out mix)

Hurley review

A new turn in the Weezer history

As soon as Weezer changed their label, they set forth to open up a new chapter in their story. Having completed their cooperation with Geffen/DGG in good faith, this marvelous band moved to Epitaph Records, a company that is particularly interested in indie-rock. Soon after signing a new contract, the musicians prepared a new CD named Hurley. This is already the eighth full-length record by Weezer who keep working hard despite their respectable age. The original version of the album features ten tracks with the total duration only a little bit more than half an hour, quite a doubtful achievement. Realizing that many would take it as personal offense and even effort to rip them off, Weezer delivered an extended version with a classic remark Deluxe Edition. This one includes four more songs and prolongs the record to the total of forty five minutes, which is quite acceptable. In the meantime, experienced music lovers have repeatedly found put that quantity is nothing when the quality is good. In case with Weezer, the quality is beyond all doubts.

Hurley is on par with the band’s best efforts

The previous Weezer album, released just a year ago under the title Raditude, was in many senses an experimental work, which alarmed many fans of the band who would rather listen to what they used to do in the nineties for another twenty years. Looking at what Hurley offers us, experiments are done with where they were started. The new CD from Weezer emanates the shining of the early works, yet has its own taste and color. Memories, and Ruling Me are based on light guitars and upbeat drums with a lively pop-rock melody upon them. These pieces will send you a sweet nostalgic wind and turn into a little holiday for everyone who treasures Weezer’s first records. Still, to remind to you that this is a 2010 album, the musicians shift smoothly to a modern sounding on Trainwrecks and tune their instruments down to offer the heaviest track Unspoken. After a pretty middle-class thing, Where’s My Sex, the band returns to their high level and present a couple of perfect drive-loaded tracks, Run Away, and Hang On. Both meet all the radio-hit requirements. Brave New World, with its down-tempo pace, seems to be a nice concluding track, but the musicians decided to place Time Flies at the end of the album.

Weezer are still capable

Honestly, Weezer are not likely to release one more Pinkerton. That album became a sensation and an effort that happens only once in the life of any band. After releases like that one, you can fall into a writer’s block, or make efforts to make the same and thus condemn yourself to eternal failure, or just keep making good music. And the latter scenario is how Weezer progressed after Pinkerton. For almost twenty years, they have been engaged in a very busy activity and walked a very level path without falling down. Without claiming to be another Pinkerton, Hurley gave a boost to the musicians and encouraged the listeners. This CD is remarkably better than any other released by the ensemble in the new millennium. The musicians did not turn a blind eye on apparent facts and admitted that the best thing they can do today must be similar to what they used to do long ago. Probably, they found new motivation in a new record deal; but another possibility is that they missed their golden era. Hurley made it clear that Weezer are still capable enough to make delightful albums.

Alex Bartholomew (16.09.2010)
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