American indie-rock band Vampire Weekend was formed in 2006 in New-York. The members of that group met while studying in Columbia University and soon they realized that their musical preferences were quite alike. After that the quartet began working on its own material, looking for the right and interesting sound. Vampire Weekend noted that they were influenced by African and Western classical music, and that is why the musicians described their style as Upper West Side Soweto.

In 2008 the band released their debut studio work titled Vampire Weekend, which attracted the well-deserved attention in no time. The signature sound and recognizable compositions were noticed by the musical experts who acclaimed Vampire Weekend, and the numerous music lovers enjoyed the debut album of the rockers as well. Another proof of the highest quality of Vampire Weekend was the 67th place of the composition Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa in Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Best Songs Of The Year. In 2008 Spin magazine entitled Vampire Weekend The Year's Best New Band; thereby the quartet’s professional musical career started in a very confident way, and their debut album was quite a loud event in the sphere of musical industry.

In 2010 the band issued the second studio attempt titled Contra. That record peaked at number one in Billboard 200, and that proves the fact that Contra turned out to be the extremely interesting and original. Vampire Weekend felt free to experiment with the sound, which was quite versatile in the band’s debut work. Thus, Contra presents the new and fresh sound and atmosphere to all the music lovers, who will definitely enjoy it. It seems that Vampire Weekend’s creativity simply does not have any limits, and the good example of that is the song Diplomat's Son, which can hardly be mixed up with any other composition. Vampire Weekend is the very young rock-band, however the musicians already gained the popularity and their art was acclaimed worldwide. It does not matter, which their album will be the first for you to get acquainted with Vampire Weekend: the positive emotions are guaranteed.

Studio Albums

Vampire Weekend, Father Of The Bride mp3Father Of The Bride
  • Indie Pop
  • Chamber Pop
  • Pop Rock
Vampire Weekend, Contra mp3Contra
The second studio effort from the young New York based formation Vampire Weekend proves that they are capable of offering much more than just an impressive debut. Already now, this band is easily seen in the multitude of other acts
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend mp3Vampire Weekend
New York indie band Vampire Weekend loves experimenting with very different instruments. The arsenal of their arrangements includes such things as African tunes and harpsichord. However, the main quality of their music is simplicity and unobtrusivene
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop