Define the Great Line

Studio Album by released in 2006
Define the Great Line's tracklist:
In Regards to Myself
A Moment Suspended in Time
There Could Be Nothing After This
You're Ever So Inviting
Returning Empty Handed
Casting Such a Thin Shadow
Moving for the Sake of Motion
Writing on the Walls
Everyone Looks So Good From Here
To Whom It May Concern

Define the Great Line review

Define The Great Line is the best hardcore album to date

The Christian rockers Underoath were formed in Florida, USA, in 1998, they are quite experienced and have changed their style several times to find the one that would do perfectly. Today the band comprises vocalists Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie who also plays drums, guitarists Timothy McTague and James Smith, bassist Grant Brandell and Christopher Dudley plying the keyboards. Underoath’s previous full-length albums The Changing Of Times and They're Only Chasing Safety have established the guys as one of the best hardcore bands in the world. Their third effort Define The Great Line is a new successive attempt to surprise the public with heavier songs in which one can hear more screaming and cleaner vocals breaking through it. As for the lyrics on this record it is less clichéd and more original the most unexpected rhymes surprising with their genius novelty. The powerful, monumental album is refined by an interlude presenting the Psalm 50 read in Russian and accompanied by a really superb instrumental performance. Taking this into account it is possible to state that Define The Great Line is the best hardcore album to date.

A really emotional album

Define The Great Line is a really emotional album as most of the tracks are devoted to a person’s inner struggle and the attempts to find strength to live further. The instruments and the vocals help illustrate these unbearable sufferings by means of high tones and intensive drumming. The album opens with an impetuous track In Regards To Myself on which Spencer Chamberlain at once evokes the strongest feelings with his screams. Outstanding are tracks You're Ever So Inviting for the combination of the two vocals here is just amazing and Moving For The Sake Of Motion sounding like a roaring waterfall due to the drummer and the bassist’s great playing. On A Moment Suspended In Time the keyboards sound especially melodiously. Yet there is a track completely different from all the others on Define The Great Line – the fantastic interlude Salmarnir. It represents a Psalm read by a low monotonous but expressive voice in the Russian language and as the song develops more and more powerful instrumental accompaniment appears in the background. The final track To Whom It May Concern closes the album leaving a pleasant feeling of fatigue after so many freed emotions.

Underoath is an apparent leader among other metallic bands

The latest work of Underoath is much more mature for the lyrics contain a lot of very deep ideas concerning the exploration of a human soul. In spite of the fact that it is a hardcore band there is enough spiritual implication in the songs to satisfy the most pious critics of the style. To emphasize the feeling of the man’s struggle with oneself in search of the truth the musicians have made most of the tracks heavier and the melodies more unusual and complicated. Since drummer Aaron Gillespie also performs vocal parts the sound is really rich and versatile throughout the whole record. Besides when the two vocalists sing together their different manners contrast so incredibly that you wish you were at their live show to sing along and scream as loudly as you can to let go all the negative emotions. On the basis of their early works’ more tough sound the members Underoath have recorded an album, which sounds in a new original way and makes the band an apparent leader among other metallic bands. Containing a reasonable amount of religious context and expressing the man’s despair more vividly than ever Define The Great Line is the best creation of the Christian rock so far.

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