Studio Album by released in 2012
Beacon's tracklist:
Next Year
Wake Up
Sleep Alone
The World Is Watching

Beacon review

Two Door Cinema Club is a truly promising band

The story of Two Door Cinema Club, a band from Northern Ireland, began quite recently, in the year 2007. Back then the musicians were students, but anyways they did not graduate, and there was a weighty reason for that. The point is that during the very first stages of creativity the band registered a MySpace account. With time a popularity of that page grew dramatically, and listeners’ interest for Two Door Cinema Club was consistently high. Having balanced all pros and cons and after careful evaluation of their own strength, Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday made the full immersion into the world of music. Young men started writing new material and they released the debut EP Four Words to Stand On in 2009. Music lovers received that attempt very well, which of course gave the artist a good portion of self-esteem. After that it took the trio only a year to prepare a full-length album called Tourist History. It must be mentioned that the long play was recorded professionally, even in spite of the age of musicians and lack of many-years experience. Tourist History proved to be a total success and it brought Two Door Cinema Club a prestigious award Choice Music Prize, which is annually given to an Irish band releasing the best album of the year. Of course the trio spent a lot of time on road touring, performing in clubs and on all kinds of stages. The rockers were getting priceless experience and at the same time they were writing new songs. By 2012 Two Door Cinema Club prepared material for the second studio album, which has already generated lots of buzz.

Beacon will show the way to the world of rock’n’roll

The first album of Two Door Cinema Club proved to be incredibly impressive, that is why it is quite logical that listeners had been waiting for not less interesting and mesmerizing continuation from the rockers. Luckily, it is very easy to make sure that the new record is of the highest quality: one should simply push the play button and evaluate the volume of the work that had been done. The opening act of Beacon is a positive song called Next Year, which is a great cocktail of melodies and vocal parts. The trio keeps on pleasing listeners with outstanding melodiousness that had become a permanent and important element of the band’s art. Handshake, for instance, is hardly less impressive and charming: its rhythm and networks of sounds are outstanding. Another new hit, Wake Up, will be well remembered due to strict rhythm section and really strong chorus. A highly lyrical track Sun will be much appreciated by lovers of calm, mid-tempo compositions. In fact, every single track on Beacon is good in its own unique way, which is no doubt a great thing. These songs are not alike; however it is impossible not to notice a united style that combines everything in a single entity. It is amazing how the trio can get such a strong and juicy sound. Well, the members of Two Door Cinema Club understand each other, that is why they do have such an great team-work. Sleep Alone can be another example of the band’s signature sound. If you enjoy British-like indie-rock sound, then all songs from that long play will bring you lots of positive emotions.

A confident step

First album of Two Door Cinema Club was critically acclaimed. Of course the musicians understood very well that they had to go all out hundred percent, in order to make the second studio attempt as good as Tourist History proved to be. The responsibility was simply huge; however now it seems that the musicians did their best indeed and succeeded. Eleven songs will not leave lovers of modern rock untouched; there is no doubt about it. After all, there is some magic charm in the music from islands in northern Europe. Creativity of Two Door Cinema Club is the best proof of that. Sure, the trio has already got its unique style, but obviously the musicians will not stop searching. New songs, new features and new ideas – the band will have it all. Two studio attempts have already demonstrated that Two Door Cinema Club can do a lot. Rockers have fair ambitions, and that is a good sign. Beacon is a worthy continuation of Tourist History, so do not miss a chance to get to know fresh hits – there are many of them.

Danil Chernovalov (09.08.2012)
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