American rock band Train was formed in the middle of nineties in San-Francisco. From the very beginning the rockers started performing and they were noticed by music lovers in no time. Pretty soon Train began playing the gigs all around the country and kept on gaining the popularity: listeners enjoyed their music indeed.

In spite of the busy touring, Train members had time to prepare the material for their debut studio work. The self-titled album Train was released in 1998, and by that time the musicians had not signed the contract, that is why they issued their very first long play independently, using only their own money. However that record proved to be very interesting and strong, and the rock music lovers were buying it with pleasure. Thus, Train was certified Platinum. The band released the second album Drops Of Jupiter in 2001 and its first single Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) became the real radio stations hit. Due to that composition Train won the Grammy Award in the nomination Best Rock Song. Also in 2001 Drops Of Jupiter was certified Platinum, and that fact proved the listeners’ interest in the band’s creativity.

Train’s third long play My Private Nation was issued in 2003 and got fair reviews from the critics, who paid special attention to the composition Calling All Angels, which became one of the band’s brightest and most recognizable songs. My Private Nation turned out to be extremely strong and pleased not only Train’s fans, but also all the rock lovers. In 2004 the musicians released the live album Alive At Last, which managed to preserve the energy and atmosphere of the band’s shows perfectly. Two years later rockers’ discography was enlarged by the record For Me, It's You (2006), including such wonderful composition as Cab, Am I Reaching You Now and many others.

The band’s fifth studio attempt titled Save Me, San Francisco was released in 2009. Traditionally strong album was really enjoyed by the fans and it was critically acclaimed as well. During the professional career Train members created the reputation of the incredibly talented musicians, and every single album proved that fact. Save Me, San Francisco is definitely not an exception. There is absolutely no doubt that Save Me, San Francisco will please band’s old fans and all those who are going to get acquainted with Train’s creativity.

Studio Albums

Train, AM Gold mp3AM Gold
  • Pop Rock
Train, A Girl a Bottle a Boat mp3A Girl a Bottle a Boat
  • Pop Rock
  • Piano Rock
Train, Does Led Zeppelin II mp3Does Led Zeppelin II
  • Pop Rock
  • Piano Rock
Train, Christmas in Tahoe mp3Christmas in Tahoe
  • Pop Rock
Train, Bulletproof Picasso mp3Bulletproof Picasso
  • Pop Rock
  • Piano Rock
Train, California 37 mp3California 37
  • Blues Rock
Train, Save Me, San Francisco mp3Save Me, San Francisco
The Californian formation Train keeps on marching down the rock avenues of the music megalopolis. Their recent release, Save Me, San Francisco, convinces the listener that they are not about to stop
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock
Train, For Me, It's You mp3For Me, It's You
Each of Train's studio albums has achieved platinum status or better while generating a string of hit singles. Train creates a superior grade of mellow alternative pop music, with classic rock flourishes, on its fifth album For Me It's You
  • Pop/Rock
Train, My Private Nation mp3My Private Nation
  • Pop/Rock
Train, Drops of Jupiter mp3Drops of Jupiter
  • Rock
  • Pop/Rock
Train, Train mp3Train
  • Rock
  • Folk Rock
  • Pop/Rock


Compilation albums

Train, Greatest Hits mp3Greatest Hits
  • Pop Rock


Train, Alive at Last mp3Alive at Last
  • Pop/Rock