Free School Milk

Studio Album by released in 2007
Free School Milk's tracklist:
20 to 9
I Will Wait for You
Baby Love
Ashes and Diamonds
Bonfire of the Night
Moon Song #2
Hannah We Know
Hemsworth Hallway
Sun Goes Down
I've Got to Go
Deep Water

Free School Milk review

Artful masters of contrasts

Any time talented people with extraordinary views on music get together their creative work becomes an object of a close attention of press and critics and the audience recieves a new charge of sprightliness. The same has happened to a British band Tiny Dancers. Vocalait and guitarist David Kay, lead guitarist and keyboardist Chris 'Ev' Etherington, bassist Dez Wathey, drummer Duncan 'Zed' Morrison and a person with many talents Glover playing keyboards, glockenspiel, percussion, guitar and responsible for noise creation beagn to play music together a couple of years ago. At first they were just supporting acts for most varied performers from Richard Ashcroft to Bob Dylan and now it is high time to release the first full album. Due to the instrumental diversity record under the title Free School Milk has become one of the most interesting examples of rock music to date. Besides, on the debut album Tiny Dancers have revealed themselves being artful masters of contrasts both in melodies and in lyrics which has allowed them to sing about the eternal topics of love, break-up and loneliness in an utterly new way.

Optimism and darkness on Free School Milk

Practically the whole album is built around the contrast between shining optimistic tunes and the lyrics telling either of unhappy love or a break-up. Each of the album's 12 tracks is a unique example of how one can have a different view on commonly met situations and remain faithful to oneself despite the varieties of fortune. The opener 20 To 9 starts with a great drum introduction and grows into a melodious and powerful anthem to love. I Will Wait For You is a very cheerful song with a humorous lyrics, and a faster composition Baby Love with a simple tune and rather complicated accompaniment is closer to the rock of 1980s. Almost danceable song Shame is remarkable for a very catchy chorus, which is sure to linger in your mind for a long time, whereas Ashes And Diamonds is a slow ballad, which could be a wonderful lullaby if it were not for David's powerful vocals and rocking guitar solos. The longest song on the album is Moonsong #2 which has the most unusual accompaniment and a growing rhythm which leads to its obtaining more and more power. Hannah, We Know is great to listen while driving a car, and Sun Goes Down with a danceable beat and country like musical background is refined with witty lyrics and applause. Only the dark mood of final song, Deep Water, does not let one relax hinting that not all is so great as it could seem in the beginning.

A promising debut

The producer of Tiny Dancers debut album is John Leckie who has also worked with such bands as The Stone Roses, Radiohead и Muse. Naturally the professional of such a level would hardly work with a band he would not think to have any prospects, so one can stay calm concerning the future of Tiny Dancers. Besides John Leckie's contribution could not but find reflection in the record's sounding. Although Free School Milk is only the band's first creation it can really tell a lot. First, there is no doubt that Tiny Dancers has a special approach to how to present the subject of a song. Second, the front man's vocals surprisingly distinctly combine with the multileveled musical background and as a result each composition sounds harmonious and very professionally done. It is also worth while mentioning the spectacular live shows Tiny Dancers. The viewers always strive for getting to the front rows so that to personally feel the mischievous tricks of David Kay who is fond of putting on a colorful poncho and throwing glitter on the viewers. So there is no need to say that with such a unique band as Tiny Dancers will never suffer from the lack of fans and with each new work their number will only increase.

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