Strength In Numbers

Studio Album by released in 2008
Strength In Numbers's tracklist:
Strength In Numbers
The Spike
The Left Side
Get Through It
The Last One
No Weapon Sharper Than Will
Cold Blooded
Inconceivable Odds
The Price (Steve Fitzmaurice Mix)
The Rain
What Am I
Symbol Of Hope
Strength In Numbers (The Whip Remix)

Strength In Numbers review

The audience’s favorites The Music

British band The Music was formed in 1999. Vocalist and guitarist Robert Harvey, lead guitarist Adam Nutter, bassist Stuart Coleman, drummer Phil Jordan went to high school together and from spending time playing guitars and a drum set passed on to a more serious creative work. Releasing their eponymous debut album the guys performed a lot and soon became the audience’s favorites as it appreciated their rather heavy sounding and Harvey’s great vocals. In 2004 their sophomore effort Welcome To The North was released to bring even more popularity to them. Yet after that nothing had been heard about the band for some time. It turns out the front man has been struggling against alcoholism that followed his pubescent drug addiction. Finally all the problems are left behind, and the collective is ready to please the fans with an absolutely new material. Record Strength In Numbers is put out at the beginning of this summer to present the world with great rock compositions many of which will become hits. Classic rock that The Music has inherited from U2, Led Zeppelin and Bon Jovi and danceable rhythms are joined on a wonderful record Strength In Numbers bravely pretending to be called the best rock work of the current summer.

Introspective lyrics and danceable rhythm on Strength In Numbers

The formula that the band has created on the breakthrough second album is fully preserved on the new record as well but here the new tendencies to using a more danceable rhythm and interesting lyrics that are often introspective are added. On the whole as The Music’s previous records Strength In Numbers is just perfect for being played on stadiums, nevertheless, the studio versions of the songs are no less impressive. Naturally unforgettable single Strength In Numbers that has already become quite popular is on the first position conquering with a splendid, almost danceable rhythm and absolutely insane drums. A powerful piece The Spike pleases with a splendid bass line while the Harvey’s frankest song lately Drugs will be useful for all those who risks of choosing the wrong way telling convincingly of those demons that the front man has had to fight against. Composition Idle sounds much calmer but no less ominous whereas Fire is another tribute to an impetuous rhythm, guitars and penetrating vocals, and similar to it if a bit tenser Get Through It is refined with a lot if electronic effects. Track The Last One is remarkable for a brightest chorus but tracks No Weapon Sharper Than Will with rather a complicated tune and heavy guitars and Cold Blooded, a great example of classic rock refined with the catchiest chorus on the album produce a much stronger impression. Acoustic ballad Inconceivable Odds will be probably appreciated by all those fond of classics reminding of Led Zeppelin’s best works while another undoubted success is a melodious song The Rain.

Nobody is dissatisfied on The Music’s concerts

Last year The Music signed a contract with label Yes Please! Recordings/Polydor and devoted the maximum of its time to working on Strength In Numbers. The new elements in the band’s sounding are definitely not occasional here. The point is that one of the producers of the album is Paul Hartnoll from electronic collective Orbital. Besides Flood has also worked on the record on whose record of service there are such bands as Depeche Mode, The Killers, U2 and Nine Inch Nails. Yet when the studio work on Strength In Numbers was over the guys immediately got to the repetitions of the concerts which the audience is eagerly anticipating. It goes without saying that today the fan base of The Music is just huge, and it will increase several times with the release of Strength In Numbers. Yet even if all of the fans get together on a stadium (if only one with the suitable size can be found) even the back rows will be pleased for the musicians’ powerful playing and Robert Harvey’s splendid vocals will certainly reach them. As for the new album the absolute majority of sons on Strength In Numbers is just made to drive the crowd crazy, so we can only envy everyone who makes it to the performances of The Music this year.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (01.07.2008)
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