What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?

Studio Album by released in 2011
What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?'s tracklist:
Wreckin' Bar
If You Wanna
A Lack of Understanding
Blow It Up
Post Break-Up Sex
Under Your Thumb
All in White
Wolf Pack
Family Friend

What Did You Expect From the Vaccines? review

Stir around The Vaccines

And what did you expect from The Vaccines? In fact, this question is asked even by the band itself as it is word-by-word put into the debut album’s title. The musicians seem to be unready to have their names so widely discussed in press, and to ease the tension in the audience expecting the record so eagerly, they released it a week before the planned date. Why, actually, are they all so concerned with the developments in The Vaccines, a young band formed in the UK capital in 2010? Sure, this is all because of journalists working hard to elevate the ensemble to the status of Britain’s most promising act. The members of The Vaccines appeared in short articles, vast essays and detailed interviews made by practically all big and respected music-related sources in the United Kingdom. What impressed reporters was only a short demo If You Wanna, released in summer 2010, and a series of gigs featuring The Vaccines after it. The record showed that the musicians are really good at writing and playing what they write, while the concerts demonstrated that, despite their total lack of experiences, the young men know what to do and how to do it on the stage. Finally, in spring 2011, the band delivered an album so much expected by masses, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

Album reflects the music tastes of the whole band

Conversing with interviewers, The Vaccines members unanimously stated that their music influences include the rock and roll of the last century’s middle years, garage rock of the seventies, punk of the eighties, and Brit-pop that remains actual to these very days. A rather short record below forty minutes, the What Did You Expect From The Vaccines has enough room for each of the aforementioned. Like a rocker, it springs from the ground after the explosion of the energetic Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra) and flies steadily, preserving the same measure of energy and speed, the while journey with an amazed listener aboard. During this trip you can slam and raise hell to the concert-oriented Post Break-Up Sex, and Blow It Up, as well as take time to think in light sadness to the soul-searching Family Friend. Yet what demonstrates The Vaccines music style best of all is If You Wanna, a skillfully executed combination of intelligent guitars together with catchy pop-influenced melodiousness. Should the same be done on each track, the CD would never leave your player. However, being only debutants with a wide range of instruments and a reliable creative energy supply, these young musicians have yet to figure out the best way to using these valuable resources.

It is getting even more interesting

With a bombastic start like the one done with What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? the London musicians look highly likely to satisfy the requests and expectations shared by critics and audience. In the time when guitar sounding is heavily suppressed and pushed out by the electronic music, The Vaccines might be able to offer the listener a very interesting product based on spicy and fascinating rock and roll, done with style and sense of time. The main advantages of the album are discovered effortlessly during the very first listening. You can not help feeling the drive of the tracks, you can not ignore the breaking intonations of the gifted vocalist, and you can not get these melodies out of your mind that easily. If they do what they have to do, if they do not fall victims to the first and often relaxing success, if they develop what they have already done, The Vaccines have all the chances to settle down very high in the indie-rock hierarchy. After What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? you ca expect anything from them.

Alex Bartholomew (24.03.2011)
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