Love It When I Feel Like This

Studio Album by released in 2007
Love It When I Feel Like This's tracklist:
Ice Cream Sundae
Wide Awake
The Neighbour
Either Way
Push the Ghosts
Reap What You Sow
Loosely Dancing
2 Lovers
Don't Wait Up
Got Me Sussed
Cloudy Room

Love It When I Feel Like This review

The Twang: new British sound creators

A band that is compared as strange as it may seem to both Oasis and U2, and is always independent in its opinion in the interviews never actually neglecting anything – this would be concise characteristics of The Twang. The creative work of the relatively young band (formed in 2004) has been somewhat influenced by the baggy style, which was popular in Great Britain in the beginning of the 1990s. The guys have practically vitalized it and had hardly released their first single Wide Awake this March when won the reputation of the new British sound creators. Members Phil Etheridge, Jon Watkin, Martin Saunders, Stu Hartland and Matty Clinton are known for their swagger, which often leads to comparisons with Noel and Liam Gallagher, but it is only music that can provide you with a full impression of a band. The single's success meant a lot, and now the debut album is ready to prove that it has not been just a single case. Record Love It When I Feel Like This produced by The Twang's long time collaborator Gavin Monaghan offers quite different compositions in the respect of their mood but all of them have in common witty and at times very funny and at times rude lyrics.

Honest and professionally done album

The most striking feature of all the songs on Love It When I Feel Like This is undoubtedly the infectious impudence which can be heard in tunes, playing and of course the texts. The opener Ice Cream Sundae, splendid on guitars, is quite a slow but emotional composition, gradually growing into a more aggressive one with a threatening rhythm. The instrumental background of first single Wide Awake that brought fame to The Twang reminds of classic U2 songs although vocalist's voice is not easy to confuse with Bono's one. Either Way is interesting for the introduction of piano and pleases with a great chorus, which cries for singing along. Philosophic composition Reap What You Sow is filled with a strong feeling of hopelessness and makes the listeners reflect about the tricks of destiny. Two Lovers is a break up anthem in which the man accepts his fault and although he understands his girlfriend's leaving him he continues his sufferings and remembers them together. A complicated song Cloudy Room with a changing rhythm closes the album giving way to other versions of some of the album's tracks which let us hear them in a new way and catch previously hidden nuances. Such is, for example, an amazing variant of Either Way (Streets Remix Feat. Professor Green) sounding a little bit more experimental which adds to it. Honest and quite professionally done, album Love It When I Feel Like This is really one of those that grows on you with each next listening.

The formula of success

Another thing about Love It When I Feel Like This is a strange in a good sense feeling one gets when listening to it for the first time – as if this music is very familiar to you and is already a long term classic. It looks like it can be explained by the surprisingly lucky combination of vocals and instrumental background and the compose's incredible talent. Besides, the style The Twang stick to is a homogeneous mixture of Britpop, indie and baggy. Such a formula is simply destined to success, for it lets the guys impersonate their ideas in a light and unobtrusive form. Along with that both the guitarists and percussionists have enough opportunities to demonstrate what they are able to do. As a result we have an album that has absorbed the best of the creative work of Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses who have founded the baggy style, of Britpop representatives such as Oasis, and also refined with intangible new elements. Directness which is always a part of The Twang's behavior no matter if they are performing on the stage or having an interview attracts quite a number of fans to it, and it is worth while hoping that the band will keep its best qualities on the next creation.

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