We Started Nothing

Studio Album by released in 2008
We Started Nothing's tracklist:
Great DJ
That's Not My Name
Fruit Machine
Traffic Light
Shut Up and Let Me Go
Keep Your Head
Be the One
We Walk
Impacilla Carpisung
We Started Nothing

We Started Nothing review

Stagnation of pop music?

Pop music is undoubtedly the most stable genre of all that exist nowadays. Nothing can shake it and nothing can break it. Perhaps it is not the most active one in the sense of evolution but still, just like everything in this world; it is liable to changes and always stays in the condition of constant development. The current situation, however, may be considered as a stagnation period. Everything remains the same for the last few years. A tendency to adopt charm of 80's doesn't seem to be that attractive any longer and all the godsends of Timbaland look a little bit moth-eaten. In this situation the appearance of new performers who can add something fresh to the old pop dogma is probably the welcomest thing. In particular, British duo The Ting Tings fit in with this quite well. It may be true that they don’t have the best band title but on the other hand it successfully reflects what kind of music they play. It is simple, light and bears no traits of unnecessary bombast and pathos.

The Ting Tings: mixture of pop and indie

The formula of The Ting Tings is as old as the hills. Good-looking female singer and laconic young man behind her shoulder. This is probably the most standard feature pop industry has ever produced. And The Ting Tings are not trying to deny it. Such a title as We Started Nothing, which they've chosen for their debut album makes it clear that they lay no claims to be innovators. Their songs have nothing exceptional. Uncomplicated three-chord harmonies, club beat and general party atmosphere. But nevertheless, The Ting Tings offer a pretty interesting combination from the stylistic viewpoint. The whole thing lies in the band's history. Despite that fact that their music relates more to the genres of major labels the band has walked the way of independent bands. That is: small venues, local tours with indie rockers, NME support and things alike. All these things just couldn't but influence the sound of The Ting Tings, which is something between dance electro pop and British indie rock.

We Started Nothing is a serious rival

Actually, such amalgamation should have happened long time ago. And if there is something really worthwhile behind it, and The Ting Tings are the first swallows announcing that the rules of big pop game are about to change than at the mean time everything is still in embryo. It is cheerful, it is fun, it is interesting but only for the first five minutes. The album's leading single That's Not My Name, which railroaded The Ting Tings up the charts sounds attractive indeed, but this is definitely not that kind of music that drives people crazy. However, it would be ridiculous to blame The Ting Tings for not writing a masterpiece. Overall their album sounds fully adequate and it has a sufficiently strong potential. Such tracks as fruit Machine, Great DJ and especially Shut Up And Let Me Go make this album something much bigger than simply unusual pop record and the fact that We Started Nothing makes it’s way on the top regardless the severe competition in music industry speaks for itself.

Max Rodrigues (29.05.2008)
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