The story of Irish pop-rock band The Script began in nineties, when Danny O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan played in the group called My Town. Unfortunately, their debut work was not very successful, and pretty soon My Town disbanded. Danny and Mark moved to the USA, where they worked as the producers with The Neptunes, Dallas Austin, Teddy Riley and other performers. Later the musicians decided to form a new band, so they moved back to Ireland. Danny and Mark were joined by Glen Power and the trio began working on the new material.

The Script’s debut single We Cry saw the light in 2008 and it attracted numerous listeners’ attention to the band’s creativity in no time. The song appeared in the air of many radio stations, and due to that hit The Script managed to make a name. The following single The Man Who Can't Be Moved turned out to be as interesting as its predecessor and it peaked at number two in Irish chart in a very confident way. Release of the first self-titled studio attempt The Script took place in 2008 and that long play immediately became on of the best selling records in Great Britain. The Script got fair reviews from the musical experts, who noted interesting and original sound, including elements and mood of several styles, including pop, rock and even hip-hop.

The rockers’ second long play titled Science & Faith was issued in 2010. The fans’ expectations were satisfied and the critics’ reviews proved to be excellent: the bright music and touching lyrics did not leave anyone ignorant. Moreover, in such a short period of time The Script succeeded in finding their own unique sound, which creates the incredible atmosphere that is enjoyed by millions of listeners all around the world. There is absolutely no doubt that The Script’s amazing compositions will please all the good music lovers, and one can choose any album to get acquainted with the band’s creativity –all records are good in their own way.

Studio Albums

The Script, Sunsets & Full Moons mp3Sunsets & Full Moons
  • Electropop
  • Pop Rock
The Script, Freedom Child mp3Freedom Child
  • Pop Rock
The Script, #3 mp3#3
The Irishmen from The Script consolidated their star status with album number three, #3, a balanced and interesting collection of sweet songs
  • Indie Rock
The Script, Science & Faith mp3Science & Faith
  • Pop/Rock
The Script, Science & Faith mp3Science & Faith
Applying the method tested on the debut record, the Irish band The Script present their second long player, Science & Faith, were everything is good and… the same as two years ago
  • Pop/Rock
The Script, The Script mp3The Script
Sentimental, sensual and romantic enough album The Script will be appreciated by all who is searching for a collection about relationship not too good and is a nice career start of this young and promising band
  • Pop/Rock