American duo consisting of sisters Catherine and Allison Pierce, which was called The Pierces, was formed in 2000. However they started their long way to that serious step in a very childhood, not without help from the parents. Indeed, the sisters’ childhood was extremely merry and energetic: the family travelled a lot, while their father played in many bands, so Catherine and Allison were familiar with essence of music from an early age. Their mother was a painter, so no wonder that creativity in all possible forms had always been a huge part of Pierce sisters’ life. Guitars, singing, dancing – how can anyone possibly think about anything else but the career of professional artist? Moreover, the parents always encouraged their daughters’ desire for art. Well, one way or another, everything turned out to be in the best way possible for Catherine and Allison and all their fans, the number of who increases every year.

In middle nineties The Pierces entered the university and got seriously engaged in music. Some day one of their friends sent a tape with the duo’s records to one of the recording studios in Nashville. It actually proved to be a good and successful step, because it actually gave The Pierces a way to the musical future. The Pierces’ songs were highly appraised, thereby pretty soon the sisters found themselves in a studio. The collaboration with a label did not last long, but the main thing is that Catherine and Allison managed to release their debut self-titled record The Pierces (2000). Then they moved to New York, where The Pierces became permanent members of various concerts and events. Cocktail of pop-music, indie-rock and folk proved to be so enjoyable that The Pierces were discussed not only by listeners, but also by musical experts. Following the chosen path, Pierce sisters kept on doing what they truly love and they won new fans’ hearts. Soon they were offered to work with Universal Music Group, and Light Of The Moon (2005) became the result of a successful collaboration.

The release of Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge took place two years later, in 2007. Thirteen compositions were strong enough to help an album to reach the twenty-fifth place of albums chart Billboard Heatseakers. That is quite a notable result and at the same time it is a great proof of the fact that the duo is constantly moving forward. Four years later the sister’s discography was enlarged by their new studio attempt titled You & I (2011). Fans had been looking forward to get that record and they did not worry about its quality at all. Well, it is not a surprise, as soon as Catherine and Allison had let us know that it is music itself that is number one for them, not a commercial success or anything else. The Pierces do not follow any fashionable trends; they simply perform songs that they enjoy. Hearty folk and a bit of pop music let them share ideas with listeners directly, without any mediators. Such kind of openness became a signature feature of the duo, and You & I invites music lovers to enjoy melodies and to have a nice chat.

Studio Albums

The Pierces, Creation mp3Creation
  • Indie Pop
  • Pop Rock
The Pierces, You & I mp3You & I
The Pierces duet grew more mature and serious, but still plays what it played ten years ago. The sisters' fourth long player, You & I, proved they get better and better with every new release
  • Pop
  • Soft Rock
  • Pop/Rock
The Pierces, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge mp3Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge
The Pierces is a duet of two charming sisters from Alabama living in New York at the moment. Their debut album Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge opens the first page of bright and longtime career in pop rock music
  • Indie Pop
  • Folk Pop
The Pierces, Light of the Moon mp3Light of the Moon
  • Indie Pop
The Pierces, The Pierces mp3The Pierces
  • Pop/Rock
  • Contemporary Country