The Magic Numbers


The British rock-band The Magic Numbers was formed in 2002. The line-up is quite original, because it includes two pairs of brothers and sisters: Sean and Angela Gannon and Romeo and Michele Stodart. The Stodarts were born in the island Trinidad in the Caribbean, and in the middle of the nineties their family moved to London, where they got acquainted with the Gannons, their neighbors. The Magic Numbers started performing in 2002, playing at gigs in London and gaining the popularity. It is worth mentioning, that the quartet managed to attract attention of such famous musicians as The Chemical Brothers, Travis and Ed Harcourt. Due to Ed’s help The Magic Numbers signed the contract with Heavenly Records and began working in the studio.

The debut studio attempt The Magic Numbers was released in 2005 and was acclaimed by the critics. The music lovers also enjoyed the record, and its highest level was proved by the nomination for Mercury Music Prize in 2005. After the release of the first album the quartet went on the international tour to support The Magic Numbers. They performed at numerous stages in the United Kingdom, the US, in many European countries, in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Thereby the band managed to find its place in the international music area.

However, in spite of the busy touring, The Magic Numbers released their second studio work titled Those The Brokes in 2006. And again they pleased the music lovers with the versatile and atmospheric sound: the quartet had never been limited by the boarders of any styles. Moreover, the lyrics play the great role in the band’s creativity; that is why the fans not only enjoy the music itself, but also get something to think about from the songs. The compositions of Those The Brokes are absolutely different, from rock to blues, which allows any listener to find the favorite song, depending on the mood.

In 2010 the musicians issued their third studio attempt titled The Runaway. That work was created in the best traditions of The Magic Numbers, and it means that the music lovers got the atmospheric album with every song presenting its unique mood. The fans had to wait for The Runaway for four years, but during that period the quartet chose the best material and achieved the right sound. The Magic Numbers showed that their creativity can hardly be mixed up with someone else’s, and The Runaway proves that perfectly.

Studio Albums

The Magic Numbers, Alias mp3Alias
  • Indie Rock
  • Pop Rock
The Magic Numbers, The Runaway mp3The Runaway
It has been worth while waiting for The Magic Numbers third work The Runaway – the musicians have once again surprised the fans with their most wonderful and soulful album to date. Unlike previous records slow ballads prevail here
  • Indie Pop
The Magic Numbers, Those The Brokes mp3Those The Brokes
The Magic Numbers has done all its best to outshine its debut and create the homogeneous and brialliant record. Those The Brokes is the result of the work of a really united team that seems to serves the guarantee of the band's further greatest
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
The Magic Numbers, The Magic Numbers mp3The Magic Numbers
Two sets of siblings in a band is unusual enough, but nothing quite prepares you for the sheer beauty of The Magic Numbers' music. The Stodarts and Gannons have produced what may well turn out to the album of the year
  • Indie Pop
  • Chamber Pop
  • Folk Pop
  • Pop/Rock


The Magic Numbers, Undecided EP mp3Undecided EP
  • Folk Pop