For The Good Times

Studio Album by released in 2012
For The Good Times's tracklist:
Worship You
Remember Me
Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
Lovesick Blues
Tommy Rockwood
Fist City
Permanently Lonely
Foul Owl On The Prowl
Wide Open Road
For The Good Times
If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time

For The Good Times review

The Little Willies: the band that loves country

The band The Little Willies was formed in 2003 by musicians, united by the love to one certain style – country. Warm and life-assuring music, originated in the south of the USA became the general source of inspiration for performers. They began writing their own material and it took a very little time for the audience to understand and enjoy the quality of that creativity, so The Little Willies’ concerts proved to gather a lot of people. New-York turned out to be a welcoming indeed towards the young group, and the clubs that held The Little Willies’ shows had always presented a cozy atmosphere. Gradually the quintet became a constant member of various events, including beneficent concerts. However in spite of successful gigs the musicians were not in a hurry for recording work in a studio. Thereby their debut studio attempt saw the light only three years later: the self-titled long play The Little Willies was issued in 2006. The album made quite a confident way to the top ten of the American country albums chart, which is no doubt an impressive result. The quintet managed to conquer hearts of listeners by means of skillful combination of excellent cover-versions and their own material. Many music lovers were eager to get the continuation of that work, but it seems that the band took its discography enlargement really slow. Only six years later The Little Willies pleased their fans with a brand new record titled For The Good Times.

For The Good Times: a dozen of hits

The release of a long-awaited album finally took place. The musicians prepared twelve amazing tracks for their fans, and these compositions have all the chances to become contemporary country classics. The song Worship You was chosen as an opening act for the album, and that track has got enough place for both lyrics and vivid melodies and rhythms. It is followed by a lyrical song Remember Me with a very tender and soft sound, performed on the best traditions of country. The bass line is completed by traditional for that musical genre instruments in a harmonic way: guitars and piano do sound well. On that album one can find a lot of mid-tempo compositions, arranging for rest and relaxation and reminding of lazy summer days. Among these the special place is definitely taken by amazing Lovesick Blues. Nevertheless, the dynamics is also presented on a record, and the energetic composition Wide Open Road is a perfect example of that. All in all you will not find average songs on For The Good Times, and this is logical for several reasons: firstly, The Little Willies established a reputation of outstanding musicians. Secondly, they had six years to prepare themselves for the studio work, and it seems that the timing was just perfect.

A little bit of melancholy, a little bit of joy

The Little Willies made a great job: they recorded a very solid album, which will probably find its place in the collections of numerous music lovers and country fans. That record has got it all: melancholy, lyrics and vivacious compositions that can make want to move even the laziest persons. The quintet from the USA decided not to reinvent a wheel, but to concentrate on the performing their favorite music. Thereby For The Good Times is not something completely new in the aspect of tricks and technique, but that is exactly the thing that makes it so attractive. This is a country at its finest, with the authentic sound and atmosphere. The Little Willies brought to their fans an amazing cocktail of original songs and cover-versions of gold country hits. If you enjoy that sunny genre, then The Little Willies in general and For The Good Times in particular is your choice. Professional performance and almost domestic coziness will give you a lot of positive emotions.

Danil Chernovalov (30.01.2012)
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