April Uprising

Studio Album by released in 2010
April Uprising's tracklist:
One Way Road
C'Mon Now
I'd Do Anything (Soldiers Lament)
Ragged Mile (Spirit Song)
Johnny's Gone
Close to You
Don't Wanna See Your Face
Take Me
Fool for You
To Look Like You
Steal It
Mystery Man
Gonna Be a Long Time
A Star Is Born

April Uprising review

Set to play it differently

It is imminent that you are going to assess a famous band’s new album comparing it to what the musicians have being offering before. It has always been and always will be this way. Instinctively, subconsciously or following your habits, you are going to be looking at the earlier records. You are destined to refer to the best efforts when evaluating the fresh product. Before delivering April Uprising (2010), The John Butler Trio had had four studio records that allowed the audience to build up a certain idea of the music these guys were making. Now, April Uprising is a thing that has least in common with those works. It comes from the desire expressed by the musicians to be more serious and mature. This is why they strive to leave the shores of bluesy and folk music sounding and sail to the shores of alternative rock. It is also connected with the lineup replacements which, by the way, have always been bothering the band. In fact, as early as in 2007, the Grand National album gave us a hint that the musicians reached a creative crossing. Since the guys did not find clarity on what they wanted to play, that record was marked by somewhat uncertainty or lack of self-confidence. As a result, that attempt ran less successful than the former works.

Far from the roots

Those to whom April Uprising is the first record from The John Butler Trio, have an advantage. They do have an opportunity to get an objective idea about this effort for they will not look back at the band’s past. In the meantime the CD duration is sixty minutes, and it makes the record intrigue the listeners as much as to make them want to listen to the end of it. Revolution is an excellent track to start your journey with. Unlike most album openers, it is a mid-tempo thing lasting more than average. These are five minutes of nice guitar playing and solid rhythm. Accepted. Then follows One Way Road, chosen to be the single. This track is so wonderful that the up-coming C'Mon Now is about to please you, but is doomed to please you less than this one. After the slow I'd Do Anything (Soldier's Lament) you will hear Ragged Mile (Spirit Song). This one is made in the vein of the band’s old pieces, folk-music with light mood. There, probably, is only one more song made in the same manner, and that is Gonna Be A Long Time. The rest of the list is rock; and it means Butler is playing in the fashion he is so far not well familiar with. He also penned lyrics in some different way. In particular, this musician, once seen as an accuser of the present political way in Australia, referred to this irksome issue only once, singing in Johnny’s Gone. In a word, the band looks for changes.

Questions and answers from The John Butler Trio

It is an uncertain matter how April Uprising will be received. It is possible that the record, just like the predecessor, will fail to reach the heights conquered by Three. That album went platinum in Australia and is still seen by many as the most valuable diamond in the The John Butler Trio collection. Alternative rock, by its essence, is a very promising trend that seduced many more or less popular performers. On the other hand, the musicians may change their minds and come back to their roots. The thing is that The John Butler Trio are very punctual in keeping the three-year interval between releases of their records. Three years is a period big enough to admit any possibility. For instance, it is enough for them to see how poorly or well April Uprising is doing at the market. Now, it is easy to imagine the band’s old supporters who will take a skeptic look at the changes that took place in the music of their favorites. However, the rock that is presented on the new album of the Australian ensemble is interesting and pleasant to listen to. After all, is in it the most important merit of every musical product?

Alex Bartholomew (22.04.2010)
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