Studio Album by released in 2012
Roses's tracklist:
Fire & Soul
Raining In My Heart
Losing My Mind
Schizophrenic Playboy
Waiting In Walthamstow
Show Me
Astral Projections
So Good

Roses review

The Cranberries – high class rock from Ireland

The Cranberries were formed in the late eighties in Limerick, and the initial name of the group was The Cranberry Saw Us. Pretty soon some changes within a band took place: the original vocalist left the band, and her place was taken by Dolores O'Riordan. That was she who suggested changing the band’s name. The musicians endorsed that idea, so since that time the quartet was known to everyone as The Cranberries. The rockers prepared an excellent debut album with an explicit title Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?, and that work proved to be a breakthrough for the group. Only in the USA more than five million copies of that studio attempt were sold. Actually, The Cranberries’ success was not just a good chance, and the musicians could make sure of it a bit later. The Irish quartet got the world fame and recognition due to its hit singles and albums. World tours, great attitude on stage and amazing studio records made the band one of the most successful and called-for. However, in spite of the listeners’ love, in 2003 the musicians decided to take a break and to pursue the solo careers. Of course the faithful fans had been following careers of their favorite artist, but still they hoped that The Cranberries would reunite some day. That day came in 2009, and the musicians even stated about their plans to create a new album. The long awaited long play was titled Roses and it finally saw the light in 2012.

Roses – a truly long-awaited long play

Just think about it – it has been more than ten years since The Cranberries’ previous work was released. In the meantime so many things have changed in the world of music industry. Will these innovations affect the Irish rockers? One can easily distinguish the melodiousness style of the quartet with the very first notes of the opening composition Conduct, which sound seems to ensphere a listener. The album’s second track, Tomorrow, is a more energetic one, however it also has the strong flow. Actually it would be really difficult to imagine that The Cranberries’ creativity can be rough and harsh. The rockers’ music has always been well-known for its softness, and Roses proves that concept just perfectly. The mid-tempo track Fire & Soul, full of powerful bass lets Dolores demonstrate her vocal skills in a full volume. Schizophrenic Playboy is another excellent song with a melody to remember: the instrumental part is well decorated by the singer’s voice. As before, she plays with the melodies in an elaborated and fancy way, adding some charm to every single composition. There is no doubt that Astral Projections proved to be a decoration of the long play, as soon as that song is performed in the band’s best traditions.

Conservative The Cranberries

The music lovers had to wait for Roses for many years, amusing themselves by listening to The Cranberries’ hits from previous albums. We should give proper respect to the musicians, as soon as they issued an incredibly impressive number of real time-tested hits. Now it is the time for new compositions to conquer the hearts of listeners. Such tracks as Raining In My Heart, So Good and many other have all the chances to get to the top lines of charts all over the world. The fans had been looking forward to get acquainted with the fresh material of The Cranberries, and the band completely satisfied all the expectations. The Irish rockers presented a solid album with their easy recognizable signature sound. It absorbed several genres, from pop-rock and indie-rock to celtic motives. That mix proved to be The Cranberries’ calling card. Roses once again bring listeners to the amazing atmosphere, full of romance and melodiousness. That kind of loud come-backs to the world stage do not happen very often. Well, to the great pleasure of all the connoisseurs of high-quality music, The Cranberries are back with a notable addition to their discography.

Danil Chernovalov (05.03.2012)
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