Studio Album by released in 2010
Falcon's tracklist:
The Opener
Take Over the World
Cross My Heart & Hope to Fly
You Overdid It Doll
Good Times Are Calling
The Rest of the World Has Gone Home
Cameo Brooch
Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips
Last of the Ladies
Will It Be This Way Forever?

Falcon review

The Courteeners calmed down

The British indie rock collective The Courteeners started the career with the hooking punk album St. Jude. Its lyrics appeared to be close to the widest audience, while the music reminded the critics of such groups as Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. However, the artists decided to prove that they are not one more band among the others on the scene, but they possess identity and develop with time. The musicians of The Courteeners started playing an active role in different festivals – including the appearance at famous Glastonbury festival in 2008 – taking part in the award ceremonies and continue the work over the new material. No wonder that their music caught the attention not only of the ordinary indie rock fans and critics, but also some media persons. Thus, Morrissey demonstrated his love for the songs by The Courteeners many times, which speaks for itself. In 2010, The Courteeners finished the sophomore long-awaited attempt Falcon (Deluxe Edition), on which the band put the new compositions. Some of the songs were already performed live; some of them will be a total surprise for everyone. It is a more pedestrian disc in comparison to the debut and has more sophisticated tunes and arrangements – nevertheless, the member of The Courteeners stayed faithful to the old good indie rock on Falcon (Deluxe Edition).

The thought-out approach to the compositions

The new work by The Courteeners should be first of all called a disc, which has the thorough approach to the compositions – all the tracks feature a grain of charm and identity. The disc kicks off with the wonderful track, which has a suitable title – The Opener. It is a nostalgic hymn to the native city of the collective – Manchester. The strong sides of The Opener are a pleasant tune with a big chorus and an interesting arrangement, which includes both piano and electronica. Actually, the disc Falcon (Deluxe Edition) features much keyboards, but they harmonically fit the overall conception of the record. The revolutionary song Take Over The World with the arena chorus will show us that the members of The Courteeners maybe started to play more polished and pathetic songs, but they preserved the mood of rebel in their souls. The single You Overdid It Doll became one of the brightest spots on the disc due to the memorable melody and strong lines. The overwhelming emotions in their climax will be openly demonstrated to the listeners in such tracks as The Rest Of The World Has Gone Home and love tune Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips. The attractive and bright mood is added to the disc by the romantic and reckless track Will It Be This Way Forever? The long-play finishes with the two atmospheric and perfectly fitting for making the full stop semi-ballad compositions Meanwhile Back At The Ranch and Forget The Weight Of The World.

Falcon (Deluxe Edition): adultness and talent

The new disc of the daring The Courteeners became their pass to the world of the “grown up” rock. They developed from the hooligan guys into the serious, knowing how to make a hooking tune rockers in a couple of years. The artists definitely go up not only on the career ladder, but they also develop their talents. It is hard to say, if their follow-up would be bigger than Falcon (Deluxe Edition), but it is fore sure that this record overdoes St. Jude in masterfulness and heat of emotions. If St. Jude captivated the listener with its juvenile energy, capability to knock at even a plane heart and raw gift, Falcon (Deluxe Edition) has their abilities multiplied by the experience, knowledge and no less fiery songs in spite of the fact that the artists slowed down the tempo. The only thing about this disc that worries is the fact that the integrity of the band gave place to ю the whole collective, not only in the vocalist. As for the rest, the musicians overdid themselves: first-rated arrangements, big stadium-ready and sing-aloud choruses and a flood of emotions. It is possible, that not the least role was played by the right chose of a producer – Ed Buller, known for his cooperation with White Lies, Pulp, Suede. Anyway, Falcon (Deluxe Edition) set the originality and identity, about which The Courteeners dreamt for so long – now it will be much harder to mix them up with somebody else of the indie-rock performers.

Ninelle Kazakoff (09.03.2010)
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