Remix by released in 2006
Love's tracklist:
Get Back
Glass Onion
Eleanor Rigby / Julia (transition)
I Am the Walrus
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Drive My Car / The Word / What You're Doing
Gnik Nus
Something / Blue Jay Way (transition)
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! / I Want You (She's So Heavy) / Helter Skelter
Blackbird / Yesterday
Strawberry Fields Forever
Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
Octopus's Garden
Lady Madonna
Here Comes the Sun / The Inner Light (transition)
Come Together / Dear Prudence / Cry Baby Cry (transition)
Back in the U.S.S.R.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
A Day in the Life
Hey Jude
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
All You Need Is Love

Love review

The Beatles’ famous songs have acquired a new sounding

Among an incredible number of rock’n’roll bands around the world there is one whose creative work outshines all the rest – The Beatles. The legendary Liverpool four has conquered the whole world in no time in the middle of the last century and today remains one of the most influential collectives of all time. Such popularity inevitable leads to the musicians’ attempts to create different collections of their songs both remixed and in the original variants, and doubtless the works of The Beatles are nowadays the most widely used for the processing of this kind. Thus the band’s constant producer George Martin together with his son Giles have created a marvelous album LOVE that serves as a soundtrack for a Canadian circus show of the current year. The work on the album began after the producers got permission from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison. LOVE presents an original mixture of The Beatles’ famous songs, which are blended together in a new unpredictable way in the respect of their structure and production. That is why most of the songs have acquired a new sounding and at the same time are apprehended as the classical works of the legendary quartet.

LOVE is a real master’s work

The album creators have did all their best to recreate the sounding that The Beatles has always strived for, and even Paul and Ringo have been surprised when they heard LOVE for the first time. The basis for the album have been the old tape recordings taken from the Abbey Road Studios, George Martin has included here the moments of which many of us might have well forgotten. The a capella opener Because is followed by pieces from A Hard Day’s Night and The End, and then the powerful track Get Back takes the lead. Eleanor Rigby / Julia is a blending of at least two songs, which is clear from the composition’s name, and I Am the Walrus is another outstanding new version of a splendid song. The complicated texture of different samples on Drive My Car / The World / What You’re Doing surprises with its remarkable naturalness while Something appears to verify its title completely. Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows is one of the most unusual remixes of a The Beatles song, and intensive composition Lady Madonna is sure to please all the fans of the band. Other examples of blending include inimitable track Here Comes the Sun / the Inner Light and amazing Come Together / Dear Prudence / Cry Baby Cry. The album closer has been quite evident – the eternal anthem to love All You Need is Love without which no The Beatles compilation can be imagined, though the 26 track long album LOVE is much more than a mere compilation, but a real master’s work.

George Martin’s brilliant idea

There has not ever been a band as popualar as The Beatles. As any other collectives who have tasted themselves what fame is the four had their own troubles and went through most varied periods in their creative work. Yet although both the style of the collective and the relations within it have never been the same, fans on the both sides of the Atlantic have been always extremely happy to see and hear them, and the live concerts halls have been each time overcrowded. The band influenced people not only by its music – there has existed a real cult of The Beatles. The way they dressed, the way they made their hair and the way they entertained were immediately copied by the society, and in many fields of life the Livrpool four has committed a real revolution. It is very important that the new generation should know about The Beatles and the more compilations similar to LOVE are released, the more opportunites there will be for that. The producers of the album have managed to create such versions of the songs that unless you have heard any of the originals of these songs before you will have a desire to do it. Naturally for everyone who respects the creative work of The Beatles collection LOVE is a must have, and hopefully George Martin is going to develop his brilliant idea further as there is a huge material for him to work at.

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