Speak Now

Studio Album by released in 2010
Speak Now's tracklist:
Sparks Fly
Back to December
Speak Now
Dear John
The Story of Us
Never Grow Up
Better Than Revenge
Last Kiss
Long Live

Speak Now review

Taylor Swift sings of love once again

This year she only turns twenty one but she has already beaten several records in the music world. Two of her first albums became multi-platinum, the singles remain on top chart positions for a record number of weeks, besides, the sophomore effort brought her four Grammy awards. Of course we are talking about the beautiful Taylor Swift. This pretty blond grew up listening to and singing in karaoke the songs of Shania Twain and The Dixie Chicks and wanted to work only with the country pop genre. Having been working on her vocal skills since childhood and playing the guitar since the age of twelve, Swift has yet done a lot before getting on an independent label. Besides, her family moved to a place near Nashville, the capital of country. As the time has proved, all the hardships have been worth it – today Taylor Swift is a real star due to her own talent as well as honesty and the love of her nearest and dearest. This year Taylor Swift releases her third studio work Speak Now whose main theme is naturally love once again.

Introspection, romance and humor on Speak Now

Taylor Swift who is only twenty years old is pretty able to analyze her deeds, her fears and weak points. This is what the opener and the first single Mine is about – she often realizes that seeing to many breakups around her she is afraid to start a serious relationship. This song illustrates a potential happy marriage which is very easy to ruin. It also prepares the listeners for a collection of great tunes sounding not only in Taylor’s vocals but also in the beautiful acoustic and electro guitars, violins and keyboards. A heavier composition Sparks Fly is a turning to rock, something New for Ms Swift but obviously she feels really comfortable in this territory. The title composition is not devoid of sense of humor but it touches upon the relationship issue and a deep analysis of her personality and that of the guys she likes. The ballad Dear John is one of the highlights with a very beautiful tune and Taylor’s sensual voice as she is addressing John Mayer. A contagious, almost danceable rhythm on The Story Of Us suits perfectly both its smooth verse and an explosive chorus, whereas another ballad Never Grow Up is devoted to little childhood joys one is unwilling to say good-bye to though it is impossible to avoid becoming an adult. Romance and passion meet on a wonderful composition Better Than Revenge, and the dark number Haunted is filled with fear and love delight. Very beautiful keyboards on a tranquil song Ours underline Taylor’s tender vocals, and the album closer is a great love confession Superman. The album’s Deluxe Edition also offers acoustic and changed versions of 5 tracks adding more bright colors to this initially impressive work.

A little less idealization, a little more wisdom

Taylor Swift’s professional and personal growth from one record to another are obvious and yet one thing remains unchanged in her – it is that childish naivety and sincerity which differs her for the sexy pop divas who achieved the same heights when her age. There is place for romance on each of Taylor’s albums but she is getting older and is wise enough, especially for her young years. As for Speak Now, Swift has written all the songs herself without any help of co-writers. It is interesting that some songs are titled as films about love and not only love: The Story Of Us, Dear John, Haunted, Superman – and If This Was A Movie is a direct reference to cinema. The album’s producers are the singer herself and the professional Nathan Chapman, and the basic recording took place in his studio. Some compositions involve a whole orchestra or just a string ensemble, and it is impossible to find a defect in the arrangements on the whole. Thus, Speak Now’s 17 quite lengthy tracks have once again proved that Taylor Swift is worthy of her starry status as nobody else, she is probably going to confirm it again more than once and just beat some of more records.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (02.11.2010)
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