Studio Album by released in 2008
Fearless's tracklist:
Love Story
Hey Stephen
White Horse
You Belong With Me
Breathe (feat. Colbie Caillat)
Tell Me Why
You're Not Sorry
The Way I Loved You
Forever & Always
The Best Day

Fearless review

The young genius of country music

Taylor Alison Swift was born in a small American town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania - there she grew up. Since her early years, she loved music. At the age of ten, she already started performing at local fairs and festivals. In spite of the undoubted Taylor’s talent, she experienced many rejections from the recording studios, before she saw success. The girl also saw many problems in communication with her peers. One of the first songs, written by Swift, was called The Outside and was devoted to those issues that she experienced in such an early age. Although the singer received a contract with one of the labels at the age of thirteen, but the performer later refused from the contract. Taylor started visiting Nashville, the center of country music, and her parents decided to move into the suburbs of this city in order to help their daughter. In Nashville, the artist cooperated with the most famous country songs-writers and performed in the local cafe for composers, The Bluebird Cafe. There she met her good luck - the director of an independent label Big Machine Records noticed Taylor, and soon the girl signed to the studio. The first self-titled album of the performer became a break-though in the world of country music. This year, the young star of pop country - Taylor is only eighteen - recorded her second album Fearless.

Surprisingly wise album Fearless

Taylor enjoys the status of a star for already two years, but the fame did not spoil the artist. It becomes obvious from the first lines of her hew album Fearless. The work is opened with the dreamy country-pop single Fearless. It is followed by the track Fifteen, on which Taylor plays the role of an elder sister, who gives sincere and wise, but not boring at the same time, pieces of advice to the girls. She remembers the time when she was fifteen and enumerates the mistakes she made at that age, dethroning her naïve dreams. She sings: “In your life you'll do greater things than dating a boy on the football team.” The romantic single Love Story presents the public with a story of forbidden relations between a girl and a boy - love that her parents and close friends would not understand. Taylor’s clear voice sounds especially disturbed in the accompaniment of a guitar and a violin. However, the song Love Story finishes with the happy end. The sincerity, with which Swift performs, is proved by the fact that she is not afraid to call the names - thus, the tune Hey Stephen is devoted to some boy called Stephen, with whom Taylor failed to have relations. The song is decorated with the artist’s sparkling sense of humor. Such piercing tracks as White Horse and Tell Me Why are also dedicated to unlucky romances. The central composition of this raw is Forever & Always. Taylor wrote this track about her former boyfriend, Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers, with whom she parted some time ago. The song was added to the already finished album in the very last moment. The touching ballad The Best Day became Swift’s valentine to her parents, while the album closes with the hymn-like single Change.

The popularity, which becomes bigger and bigger

When Taylor Swift conquered the USA, she was only sixteen. The public immediately called her the new country star and started comparing her to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Her effective appearance on the scene, where male performers in their forties rule the tune, made young and beautiful Taylor Swift the sensation in the world of show business. However, her celebrity status is not connected to the scandalous glory or work with the major labels, which make everything to promote their artists. Taylor and Britney, or Christina, or any other mega-star of the pop music have in common only one thing - she is a talented and beautiful blonde too. As for the rest, she is a full antipode to all these girls - she records at an independent studio; she is very accurate in her personal life and does not give any food for the paparazzi and their articles in the yellow press. Moreover, everyone, who thought of Swift as of an artist of one album, looked at her from the other way after the release of Fearless - the young star became bigger with the new long-play. The new wonderful country-pop disc by Taylor propels the hits with the same praiseworthy regularity, as the debut did. The album Fearless became a fresh blow of wind in the world of contemporary pop music - it combines the pure romantics, the spirit of which can be transmitted only by a teenager, and surprising common sense. No girl is going to go past this long-play, filled with the stories of unhappy and not that sad love. May be, Taylor will also give some good advice to her listeners, for which they would thank the performer some day.

Ninelle Kazakoff (26.11.2008)
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