Thr33 Ringz

Studio Album by released in 2008
Thr33 Ringz's tracklist:
Welcome to Thr33 Ringz
Ringleader Man
Chopped n Skrewed (feat. Ludacris)
Take a Ride (skit)
Freeze (feat. Chris Brown)
Blowing Up (feat. Ciara)
Can't Believe It (feat. Lil Wayne)
It Ain't Me (feat. Akon & T.I.)
Feed the Lions (skit)
Therapy Skit (feat. Kanye West)
Long Lap Dance
Reality Show (feat. Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn & Jay Lyriq)
Keep Going
Superstar Lady (feat. Young Cash)
Change (feat. Akon, Diddy & Mary J. Blige)
Digital (feat. Tay Dizm)
Karaoke (feat. DJ Khaled)

Thr33 Ringz review

The new conceptual album by T-Pain

American R&B artist T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm, managed to achieve much in the musical industry for a respectively short period. Three years have gone since the release of his debut album Rappa Ternt Sanga, and T-Pain became the lawmaker of the pop music world, fashionable producer and performer. His producing gift is even compared to the miraculous touch by Midas, which turn everything into gold. This year, the musician got five Grammy nominations and won one of them. He also was noticed at the MTV Video Music Awards 2008 ceremony, making an extravagant appearance on the back of an elephant. This eccentric move leads us up to the conception of T-Pain’s new album Thr33 Ringz. Someone of the musicians’ friends compared him to the circus artist for the diversity and brightness of his works. T-Pain liked this comparison so much that he immediately found the use for it. The artist not only gathered a whole “troupe” of performers for the record of the long-play, but also fulfilled the design of the covers for the disc Thr33 Ringz itself and its singles in the manner of the flyers, inviting for circus performances. Initially, the album’s issue was planned on T-Pain’s birthday, on September 30, but its release was delayed due to controversies. Luckily, in the beginning of November, the new work Thr33 Ringz, created by the high-rated public favorite, became available for the listeners.

T-Pain stays faithful to himself

Firstly, one should notice that the brilliant album Thr33 Ringz keeps the traditions of this singer-songwriter. Hip-hop in his tracks harmonically interacts with pop music and R&B, and many guest vocalists sing in duets with T-Pain, but no ways overshadow him. Moreover, he decided to bring more auto-tune vocoder in the life of his listeners. The song Ringleader Man can be called the clue one for understanding the albums’ conception. In this track, the artist describes himself as the ringleader in the circus of the today’s show business. In this composition, having the layered heavy bass and excellent beat, the singer invites the public for his performance. The humorous composition Chopped N Skrewed (Feat. Ludacris) will cheer the listeners with wonderful stories about women, who wind men around their little finger. An amusing pop duet of T-Pain and Chris Brown can be heard on the third album single Freeze (Feat. Chris Brown). On the playful track Blowing Up (Feat. Ciara), charming R&B singer Ciara performes, while the single Can't Believe It (Feat. Lil Wayne) with the memorable tune is decorated with Lil Wayne’s rapping. The hip-hop melody Long Lap Dance is one more dedication by T-Pain to the striptease dancers - as everyone knows, the artist is fond of strip bars. The bombastic R&B track Reality Show (Feat. Musiq Soulchild, Raheem Devaughn & Jay Lyriq) is noticeable not only by the presence of three guest stars, but also with the strong tune. On the sparkling composition Superstar Lady (Feat. Young Cash) T-Pain, T-Pain enumerated all the strong sides he appreciates in the show business famous and beautiful women.

Lots of potential hits on Thr33 Ringz

Creating the disc Thr33 Ringz, T-Pain fulfilled the titanic labor - he took the duties of singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. It is a clear fact, that such an ambitious project is a success. On Thr33 Ringz, he showed himself as an excellent R&B performer, rapper and demonstrated his virtuoso vocoder use to the listeners. Although vocoder as the musical instrument was has been used for a long time, no other artist managed to make its use as popular as T-Pain did. One can state freely, that the skillful metamorphosis of the voice with the help of vocoder became T-Pain’s personal point on the R&B scene. The only contestant to T-Pain in this way can be only Kanye West, but on Thr33 Ringz he works as the guest vocalist and partner, not was the rival. These conceptual full-length features funny energetic tracks and each of them has the qualities of a potential hit. It is no wonder, as T-Pain is famous both as a famous singer-songwriter and as a talented hit maker for other artists. As for the image, in which the artist presented the album Thr33 Ringz to the listeners, it is well seen that the rapper cannot complain with the lack of imagination and braveness. Along with all this, the new image of T-Pain - the circus ringleader - is no ways too self-esteemed, as the music of this gifted performer can be heard on the radio with the regularity, worth envy. The original conception also harmonically included all the guest celebrities, who greatly contributed to the disc - they performed their parts in the roles of the circus artists, fulfilling different numbers.

Ninelle Kazakoff (19.11.2008)
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