American singer Suzanne Vega (full name Suzanne Nadine Vega) was born in 1959 in California. She grew up in a musical family, so it was not a surprise that at the age of eleven Vega started learning to play the guitar. Suzanne understood very well her parents’ pieces of advices to be extremely honest in the creativity and she began developing her vocal skills. In late seventies Vega performed at small clubs and the audience always greeted her in a very kind way. The recording companies were not interested in Suzanne’s creativity for a while; however in 1983 the singer managed to sign the contract.

The self-titled studio attempt Suzanne Vega was released in 1985. That record was critically acclaimed and the famous magazine Rolling Stone included it into the list of 100 Best Albums of eighties: that fact perfectly proved the highest level of Suzanne’s debut work. The singer’s second album Solitude Standing (1987) turned out to be as interesting as its predecessor and it debuted at the second place of the UK chart. It was followed by Days Of Open Hand (1990), which brought Vega the Grammy Award in the nomination Best Recording Package. But the bright cover was not the only strong side of that long play: the signature atmosphere and sound were presented in the full volume.

It is worth mentioning that the singer always enjoyed the experiments with the sound, thereby many of her old songs sound fresh and timely nowadays. Thus, Tom's Dinner, Luka and many other Vega’s compositions that became classical ones definitely deserve attention. But the performer still does not have any problems with the creation of truly original and innovative songs: albums Songs In Red And Gray (2001) and Beauty & Crime (2007) are the best proofs of that. Suzanne still has plenty of ideas and reflections that she likes to share with her listeners. In 2010 she released two albums: Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs and Close-Up Vol. 2, People & Places, presenting Vega’s best works. There is absolutely no doubt that these long plays will by much enjoyed not only by the singer’s old fans, but also by all the lovers of original and distinctive music.

Studio Albums

Suzanne Vega, Beauty & Crime mp3Beauty & Crime
Suzanne Vega takes a very unique position on the modern pop scene. The things she was doing 20 years ago sound quite topical even today. And her new album Beauty & Crime proves another time that she knows what songs will be in a demand for years
  • Folk Pop
  • Pop/Rock
Suzanne Vega, Nine Objects of Desire mp3Nine Objects of Desire
  • Pop
  • Folk Pop
Suzanne Vega, 99.9 F mp399.9 F
  • Folk Rock
  • Folk Pop
Suzanne Vega, Days of Open Hand mp3Days of Open Hand
  • Folk Pop
Suzanne Vega, Solitude Standing mp3Solitude Standing
  • Folk Pop
  • Pop/Rock
Suzanne Vega, Suzanne Vega mp3Suzanne Vega
  • Folk Pop

Compilation albums