Studio Album by released in 2010
Symphonicities's tracklist:
Next to You
Englishman in New York
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
I Hung My Head
You Will Be My Ain True Love
When We Dance
The End of the Game
I Burn for You
We Work the Black Seam
She's Too Good for Me
The Pirate's Bride

Symphonicities review

Sting is able to value his old hits

The deepest knowledge of music genres, a sincere love of music, endless experimenting with new musical instruments, confidence in the success and courageous, original, independent judgments – all this briefly characterizes one of the British scene greatest stars. Devoting to music practically the whole of his life, Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) has never doubted his vocation and created one hit after another, although, naturally, there are some failure albums in his discography. The audience could not understand the singer’s way of thinking – for example, his 2006’s record Songs From The Labyrinth created exclusively with the lute accompaniment caused an ambiguous reaction of the listeners. Nevertheless Sting always remains content with his work although he has been giving less and less real new hits. As for those old ones he is able value them, indeed – a good way to prove that is the record Symphonicities. It is the recording of Sting’s performing with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra conducted by Steven Mercurio: their world tour has become the main event for the artist this year.

Splendid orchestra arrangements on Symphonicities

Over two decades of creative work is quite a rich heritage for any performer, and especially for Sting. It is interesting that he has chosen only a few real hits for the album Symphonicities, and its greater part is comprised of less known compositions. Yet the main thing here is not the songs themselves, but the splendid orchestra arrangements they are presented in. The orchestra with which such stars as Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli have performed plays these compositions like classics and the result exceeds expectations. As for the singer himself he is in a great shape, that is why there are simply no failure tracks here. At the same time the album is quite varied, because Sting has reconsidered his songs and decided to add some energy to these, make those more melancholic and give the shades of different styles to the rest of them. Thus, the record opens with the track Next To You built upon impetuous cellos, violins and drums whereas the hit Englishman In New York first sounds as an original studio version, and then fiddles and flutes embrace the tune and finish it together with the vocals. Another very interesting composition is Roxanne – harps, cellos, violins, flutes all unite into a solemn, light-sad sequence, and a whole bouquet of emotions is concentrated in the vocals. An acoustic guitar and piano alternate with violin and cello pizzicato on another hit When We Dance refined with female backing vocals. The album’s finale, The Pirate's Bride, is filled with sadness and romance that only live instruments are able to create.

One of the most out-standing artists of the present days

Sting is a person who lives deeply in his own unique vision of the music art. It is not his pop songs that are his calling card but his never-ending desire to explore his possibilities. Creative work, an eternal search of a new sounding, new tunes – all this characterizes his nature and is reflected in music in a natural way. Of course, the album Symphonicities does not offer any new songs, but those old ones really sound in a new way here. They open their other side, proving to have been initially written as pieces of art and not just ordinary pop compositions. At his 58 years of age the artist looks and feels much younger, and those who have already seen his performing with the orchestra get surprised with the effortlessness of his singing these songs. Besides the rich, volume, breath-taking arrangement will leave an impression of something amazing even after just listening to the audio recording. No doubt Sting remains one of the most out-standing artists of the present days and continues pleasing us with his marvelous music. The record Symphonicities will serve the best present to a close person and a great purchase for your own home collection.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (22.07.2010)
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